51 comments on “New Setting Options in Supertest

  1. mahmoudahmed131006 says:

    mods allow up tp 60x plus and zoom sensitivity, i’m pretty sure its still inferior to the zoom mods

  2. Alex says:

    Actually the second option is very good, always wanted something like that

  3. It is ok that you don’t care, but that “Enable sniper mode only by pressing shift (not by scrolling)” option is one of the NO-GO things for me to play w/o mods. Very slowly wot is becoming playable without Mod packs. Maybe just some small addons are still needed.

  4. x says:

    The vanilla zoom is perfectly enough, stopped using zoom mods ages ago…

  5. Sturmi says:

    so “x16” means “x15” in Russian? 😉

  6. SMGJohn says:

    Finally they implementing more useful stuff rather than more shitty prem crap.
    Now they just need to revert the server side reticle back to what it used to be with the regular aiming reticle and I will be a happy user.
    I also hope they disable XVM completely in the game, that mod is atrocious, its like painting your tank your stat colours in order for people to prioritise the better guy and leave the tomatoes, the mod is game breaking for sure and gives people unfair advantages.

    • Hedgehog1963 says:

      Knowledge is all it is. All public domain anyway. I like XVM as it means that better players will be targeted than Me.

      • pixywing says:

        XVM is fun as I can yolo with 2 of my buddies and have all 3 of us die to kill the 3000 wn8 player and watch it rain salt in the game chat, totally worth the lose.

      • SMGJohn says:

        I do not like XVM at all, I mean I do not stat pad like a lot of these purple stat people, I just play the game like I always played games.
        I used to play CS 1.5 and 1.6 in the way old days, you simply learn the mechanics and rest is just repetition.
        Why do I need to deliberately play like a moron just to destroy my stats? I did not ask for these stats I just played for fun not for stats, I do not care about stats and yet people target me anyway specially the damn arty.
        And I can feel the pain for many other people, its nothing short of unfair to be able to see other peoples stats in battle and then target them deliberately might as well just implement ranked battles like WoWs.

      • Hedgehog1963 says:

        Shame for you. Good thing for the majority.

      • SMGJohn says:

        Good thing for brainless people who play the game like it was a job

  7. DoctorBest says:

    I do like that second option, I usually never scroll to go into sniper mode, but sometimes when I do it on accident, it messes up my aim.

  8. 2goxd says:

    I would really love to see zoom in and no scroll in the game !
    Very very interested in shift only (no scroll) option because when i don’t have mod that does that i mess up my aiming way too often with those accidental jumps from sniper to arcade.

    • Rita Sobral says:

      I would be excited like you but my hands are to tiny to have such control, tried many times ago with arty mod in someone elses PC and couldn’t get accustomed/hand couldnt reach, so mouse option is still the best. I’m glad that will help players like you however. 🙂

  9. Wulf Corbett says:

    I have big hands & a small (but beautifully shaped…) mouse. That sounds filthy, but what it means is it’s lovely to use, but I can’t reach the fifth button with my thumb! I have the same problem with the new ‘handbrake turn’ – my thumb is too far away from the spacebar.

    Like others, I use XVM to give me x16 on sniper mode. With my small laptop screen I get the same size image as most players that way… I found anything above x16 too damn confusing!

    • Hedgehog1963 says:

      You can re assign commands you know… I happen never to have played any game using WASD. I always use the arrow keys in between the alphabet and number pad (the fact I never play on a laptop is obvious) because the first action shooter I ever played was “DOOM” and it used those keys.. So to make life easy I’ve made the END key my handbrake.

      • Wulf Corbett says:

        Yes, I’m testing a few remaps, but none come naturally when I’m playing. I rarely play any tanks that will benefit from it much anyway, just the LTTB really…

  10. Anlushac11 says:

    I run Aslain mod. The only parts I use are Zoom mod cause Im 1/2 blind, Gnomefathers engine sounds and gun sounds, and “UP” mod. I also run the double row tank icon mod. I also run hte damage meter thing in corner so I can instantly see ow much damage I have done but thats not a must have.

    With new sounds I dont run sound mods anymore. If a Zoom mod is implemented in game would lose about 80% of reason I D/L Aslain mod.

  11. Gabriel Maia says:

    So, any idea when the next update could arrive? would be good if they accelerate simply to put the HD models…

    • Alex says:

      True , I remember they were planing to release HD models a lot faster , can’t remember how they called it.Guess it was canceled

  12. Anonymous says:

    Finaly “noscroll” mode 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    From the aslain’s modpacks, i think the really unique mods that actually is beneficial and must have is the HP pool mod, really gives you a good read on what is happening. Other than that the autoaim+ mod and the zoomout mod is somewhat game breaking. Autoaim makes it easier to shoot on move while zoomout gives you advantage in seeing the enemy around corners to see if they are looking at you in some circumstances.

  14. Tomasz Antochów says:

    I must say I’m very curious for the first option and I’m really happy the introduced the 2nd one.

  15. Finally they are moving in this direction. Wonder why…

  16. HHQC says:

    Have you ever use “x1” zoom level in sniper view? it is useful in close combat

  17. I hope they add gold and free exp lock mod that is currently in xvm mod. I believe it should be in the game cause people have mistaken in using their gold and free exp before. So therefore, blaming Wg for their stupidity

  18. IGLOT45 says:

    Good stuff, if they can add TF2-style mission tracker/damage&hit logs, I can play full vanilla. Also a freaking compass to help you determine from where your’e getting shot at easier, perhaps?

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  20. Anonymous says:

    Only took them 5 years but finally the only mod I use, noscroll, will be included as standard. GJ WG GJ.

  21. leeuniverse says:

    This is looking good….. finally….. But seriously only 25x Zoom? I mean, I use 60x cause it’s the best to me, though 30x is the most common and reasonable, why in the world couldn’t they do it up to that? Idiots. Always half assing stuff.

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