22 comments on “9.14/9.15 Model Comparison by Gifs.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking Good! 🙂 thanks Rita

  2. Krish says:

    looking good! Thanks Rita 🙂

  3. skivster says:

    Hey Rita, any news about other new HD models for 9.16?

  4. Wulf Corbett says:

    The Cent turret seems to change shape… Wish they’d shown the upgraded turret though. There’s something different about the ‘sit’ of the Bishop too…

    • Anlushac11 says:

      Using a Scientific principle of putting piece of tape on screen one Bishop model is slightly forward of second one so it looks like they are different. IMHO looks to me like new model has more detail and better lighting.

  5. wolvenworks says:

    i always love these SD-HD GIFs. gets the message and comparison straight out.

    in fact i still have that GIF when they changed the height of the PzJg 1. it looks like a cartoon car bouncing XD

  6. Anonymous says:


    Finally my 13 90 in HD,I wish they could made the Batchat HD as well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Finally my 13 90 in HD,I wish they could made the Batchat HD as well.

  8. JAY says:

    Miss Rita do u know by anychance when is the new FCM 50T replacement is coming? Just a wild guess will suffice. Plus/Minus 1 month interval would be nice. Tank you in advance.

  9. pacer123 says:

    Still waiting for HD 140…

  10. Centurion gets smaller or is it just me?

    • Rick Ansell says:

      Its long been a complaint that the Centurions are larger than scale size, making them easier targets than they should be. I assume the HD version is the correct size relative to the other tanks in the game.

  11. Jerry_at_rick says:

    Rita is “9.15/9.16” a typo ?

  12. still_guns says:

    I want the Chi-Nu Kai to keep it’s machine-gun 🙁 I hated when they did it to the IS-7, and now they’re doing it to my precious Chi-Nu Kai

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