Cant buy tanks after 0.9.14_2?



many of you commented and emailed that you are not being able to purchase tanks after the micropatch from 25 March was implemented, checked around the forums and every language staff is saying that is connected to mod usage. While this sounds like a very standard answer to give it could be very well be the truth this time, I bought a tank the other night without issues.

Erase mods, if problem persists try to run the Game in Safe mode. If any of these helped let me know.

14 comments on “Cant buy tanks after 0.9.14_2?

  1. Stalkie says:

    Hi everyone,

    I had the same problem yesterday, and the solution, at least for me, was to update XVM to the new version

  2. Nya-chan Production says:

    It’s XVM, updating it to the newest version (already fixed 2 days ago) will solve it too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Its the older version of XVM that’s causing the problem. Either update to the new version, run in safe mod or uninstall mods.

  4. Haiko Amend says:

    for me it helped deleting the “tank preview” mod.
    (with that mod you can look at special tanks in Garage, like supertest tanks)

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can’t buy tanks either

  6. alangallery says:

    Good a feature that will stop me impulsively buying tanks.

  7. pixywing says:

    The solution for me was uninstalling the game and playing Armored Warfare.

  8. Musketeer32 says:

    I had this problem, safe mode worked for me

  9. Anonymous says:

    safe mode works for me

  10. I had that problem pre 9.14-2. I had researched the leo 1 and when I went to the Leo 1 to buy it, it says that it was not yet researched so I couldn’t buy it and all my xp on the leo PT were gone. I blew my top on that one. Fortunately the problem was solved after restarting the game.

  11. Wanna’ buy a tank?

    Start the tank, buy the tank, then close the game.
    Rename the folders back to their original name.
    Start it again and you everything is fine.

    • StyleZ says:

      Dude, there is this awesome thing, called – “Run the game in safe mode” (without any mods) since like two patches ago, which saves all this fuss with just one click 🙂

  12. Jonnies says:

    How do you run the game in safe mode?

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