12 comments on “9.14/9.15 MODEL COMPARISON BY GIFS #2

  1. MajorOfWar says:

    Most of the Russian tonks get squashed when put into HD. Hmm, Now even Sronker! Glory for mother Russia!!

  2. septfox says:

    Looks like it might be a mild buff for the 430, due to less weak turret top showing. The cupolas seem to extrude more, though. Hard to tell for sure.

    • Dai2 says:

      The lenghth of the 430 seems to be the same, but it is much more low profiled now…
      Would that mean that the angle of the Upper hull is buffed?
      Right now the effective armor thickness is 200mm. looking at the model it looks like now it’s more likely to be 220mm. Maybe, for some wierd people, it could make viable grinding to it instead of the 140 or the 62A, but I don’t think it is enough of a buff to make it as good as the 2 others.

      • Anonymous says:

        Making it lower would only DECREASE the effective armor of the upper plate. They shoot down on it more and has less of an angle.

    • shadyrush says:

      I can’t see the harm of a slightly buffed turret for the 430. Right now it doesn’t have all that much going for it if you compare it to the 140 or the t-62a.

  3. Th3Grimmi says:

    the flashlight of the m60 still looks ugly tough.

  4. wolvenworks says:

    oh hey my fav SU-85B now looks a few hun-thou polys cooler

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