WoT Console: TOG II Sea April’s Fool



as predicted, WoT Console April’s F0ol is a Floating TOG II, this is how they made it:

“The TOG will appear in your tank reel in a special garage dock automatically if you have ever played a battle ā€” and if not, simply play a battle first, then you can head off to the high seas.”


27 comments on “WoT Console: TOG II Sea April’s Fool

  1. Wait, so what about that IS-360 then?

  2. War Thunder is getting naval battles as well, but it’s more of “Naval Action” than anything. XD

  3. ljpunksdad says:

    Might just have to spend my April fools game time on the PS4 instead of the PC.

  4. cyber_pagan says:

    I’d rather have the HMS TogII instead of the IS360 šŸ™

  5. redheadsg1 says:

    For some reason i though that this mode is for WoWS …. oh well …. waisted opportunity.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please add torpedoes in the shape of mini TOG.

  7. WoWs is going the next step and adding TOGmarines xD (Joking)

    It does seem like this April Fool’s is just testing out new mechanics.

    WoT: Possibly multiple guns

    War Thunder: They’re testing ships

  8. Anonymous says:

    bet jingles will love this

  9. All funny, but on my calender its not the first yet, why are we talking about an aprils fool prank when we still have march. I normaly like to log into all my onlinegames on that day and find the pranks myself, or perhabs later in the day on websides, but not 1-2 days before

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wait wait wait wait….. At 0:44 the tog makes a huge and far jump into the water. How is that freaking possible with only 14km top speed???

  11. Storm Major says:

    I so want to see Jingles try this mode out

  12. Jonathan VL says:

    they should make this a skin for the pc version

  13. (pc gamers) we get the IS-36023120398-what ever that horriball is called. and console players get THIS!? god damn it WG, why would you do this?! what in the seven blazing hells made you do this?!

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