2016 WGL Grand Finals “Special Tank” Update



its confirmed, the “super secret” WGL Grand Finals leKpz M 41 90mm light tank is coming with “GF” which means, Wargaming most likely didn’t learned from last year and will introduce another vehicle to the game with a camo that makes it look like a pariah, maybe the AMX 13 57 GF has been feeling lonely.


I still hope that they may have done something better this year because if they haven’t, it just means that they completely disregarded the players opinion, WoT community loves this camo so much that we even created mods to not be able to see it!

AW Mail.Ru Does it again…



when it comes to Armored Warfare which is separated by 3 different branches pretty much (there is Obsidian, My.Com and then Mail.RU) I’ve written before that I see Mail.Ru just like the Chinese server from WoT. Don’t really care much about and they pretty much to whatever the F* they want, but seriously, there are limits to it.

The Mail.Ru marketing department is spending the company’s money on petty shit like this:


Make love not WOT” – Armored Warfare Project Armata Mail.Ru

Since then, Mail.Ru has given the excuse that the advertising has nothing to do with World of Tanks and that WOT stands for “Waste of Time” (wasting time), seriously? Due to their past petty activities, do they think people really will believe that?

I have to point out that Obsidian and My.Com (EU/NA) have absolutely nothing to do with these actions, its only the Russian side of AW who keeps on doing things like these. This is the type of stuff I could imagine WarThunder staff doing instead, honestly, I really hope someone gets fired.

28/03/2016 Q&A: Storm



Big thanks to Ivan who translated this Storm Q&A and Edrard for compiling another Storm’s Q&A:

– Tipping a tank over in WoT is much more difficult than in real life, the developers did it intentionally
– There’s no problem with the tank mass
– The bug where at one point in battle the keys Enter and Escape are locked out and can’t be pressed will be fixed soon
– Skill MM will definitely not be introduced to random battles
– Information about planned changes will only be released before each specific patch
– The profitability of premium tanks wasn’t touched
– FV4005 will not be rebalanced anytime soon
– The decision to replace Lorrain 40t with Batchat 25t AP is not definitive yet
– Problems with picture freezing in the game are usually tied to the issues of the specific PC or settings Continue reading

27/03/2016 Q&A: Maxim Chuvalov



been feeling under the weather, got a cold and I’m never the happiest/most productive person around this time of the year, lost someone close around this date, life happens, anyway…

Finally finished translating a Q&A from Maxim Chuvalov, a Marketing Product Manager from Wargaming:


What will happen the the Grille 15?
No final decision has been taken yet (if Grille 15 will substitute the Waffentrager E-100), we are collecting statistics and feedback from the test server and from the supertesters who are playing on the test server as well.

There are a variety of mods that give a advantage against players who play in vanilla, why not add them to the client to make things fair?
The first steps have been already taken (Minimap options) and we are currently working on other mods to add in the client. We don’t care that players feel uncomfortable for having to reinstall mods after each patch (illegal ones included), not to mention its security risks. We want the most useful mods to eventually make into the game.

See also: Continue reading

9.15 HD In-Garage Models



If you don’t want to wait for the 9.16 patch, there is already a skin mod out that will make the announced vehicles look like the new deal: Download Link

The mod maker took some screenshots but not of all vehicles, I’m unsure if the guy is under the influence of something or just lazy  and biased towards certain vehicles, RU server is a weird place:

VK 30.01 P

Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t)

AMX 13 90 Continue reading