Micropatch 9.14_3



To introduce the April’s Fool even there will be a micropatch on April 1’s morning these are the times for each server:



-EU is sleeping under the banana tree, no times or warning was given to players.


03:00 Pacific Time (11:00 UTC) and will last approximately one hour


10:00 UTC+8. It will take approximately ~ 45 minutes.


6:00 to 6:45 (GMT


-11:00 ~ 11:45 (약 45분) (45Minutes)

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26 comments on “Micropatch 9.14_3

  1. siralexice says:

    “scheduled maintenance” they login screen says in EU right now. So when exactly did they announce the schedule? Thank God I just got my mission for the personal reserves completed.

  2. Hedgehog1963 says:

    05:41 GMT and everything seems OK. Game mode is entertaining enough.

  3. already played at ASIA sever, damn that mode are too funny and chaotic.


  4. StyleZ says:

    Guys, check this out:

    As I understand, some of us (players who play WOT for at least 3 years) may have the possibility to get the MicroMaus for only 100EUR 😛
    But the conditions are very unclear and I don’t see the missions there or any other info abou this.

    • GetFoched says:

      Yup, frankly it’s a joke and I hope no-one will buy that crap. I assume they think we are stupid

      • Stephan says:

        As for me playing more than 1-2 years I can get my hands on the Ltp or Pz2D (Yaaaajj)

        What a joke, especially the Pz2D. That thing is sooo bad and I got it fot free just by logging on and now I can get it when I spend €100?! I dont have the ltp and don’t want it.


    • Hedgehog1963 says:

      Conditions appear to be buying approx 30,000 gold.

    • Level Zero says:

      easy enough
      – you spend 100 euro
      – you get an extra mission depending on your time you alredy play WoT
      – you have to go into 1 (one) battle, no matter whether you win or loose
      – you have new tank in your garage
      for me it was the MicroMaus 🙂

      Wanted this thing so badly for a long time.

    • Renarde Martel says:

      The condition is playing 1 match. I went and got it because it’s one of the few rare vehicles I don’t own, plus I was almost out of gold and premium time.

  5. CandyCake says:

    This update destroys all the mods :/

  6. Bruno DURAND says:

    No, just copy mods from 0.9.14 to directory …

  7. gamerDom says:

    It has gone live now – but it is a big patch and it wipes out your mods!

  8. gamerDom says:

    It’s OK I guess but it removes your mods and is a big patch which is annoying….

  9. Hey all! We always aim to announce in advance for downtime on the Support site. In this case, we did announce the downtime in advance:
    https://eu.wargaming.net/support/news/5 (Note: The announcement will automatically disappear from the site at midnight tonight, April 1).


  10. Anonymous says:

    Files moving doesn’t seems to work. My garage is one big mess after that

  11. x says:

    Not using mods, zero fucks given about the fun mode as usual, problem solved…

  12. Anonymous says:

    this is taking things to the next level: WTF WG!!!!!!100 euro for 30k gold and I get a free baby maus?…….nah…..not worth writing and getting upset about…..I just give up…….just pretend next 30 lines are me cursing and whining about WG…

  13. dragokar says:

    Well to be fair there was an announcement but only in the support section:


    It was there since yesterday.

  14. dragokar says:

    I saw it and posted it in our Teamspeak ofc 🙂

  15. nano852 says:

    it reminds me of noo-noo….

  16. Me says:

    Normal Hotchkiss H35 is three times better than that famous “mini-maus”. With its ROF (less than 2 seconds reload), it can rip that shit to pieces in 10 seconds. Same armor, only lower speed.

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