7 comments on “Tank Chats: Tiger 131

  1. killswitch95 says:

    starting @ 5:20… WTF happened to that tiger, its just… its just gone, the whole thing is GONE!

  2. Once again a nice detailed video.
    Soon I will be visiting the tank museum in Bovington myself and have a good look round.

    Does anyone know if the Tiger will still be on display till then? I read not so long ago that maintenance was being planned on Tiger 131,I hope I wont miss it when I’m going to pop along.

  3. that_f-in_guy says:

    I like the series so far but I wish they would do a little inside the tank.

  4. pettygripes says:

    I wish he would of gone into more details about the issues they had when starting production. Good vid though – just a bit short.

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