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T-45: Soviet tier 2 Light Tank


Small Update: Yesterday snoozed a bit longer than planned, one of the pets is sick and I’ve been sleep deprived to tend her (she is starting to heal), took advantage on this last days to perform a couple of interviews and been writing what is the longest article I’ve done so far, it has over 1100 words already and I haven’t yet gotten to the most interesting part. Also yesterday, SilentStalker wrote an update in FTR, my answer to having his historical articles is a most definitely “Heck yeah”! And talking about historical articles, got a 3 part coming in! Anyway…


There’s a new tank in Supertest, tier 2 T-45 Soviet Light Tank and is presumably an anniversary reward.


Modernized version of the T-60. The difference from the original version was in the improved turret armor and the installation of the 45mm 1938 pattern gun paired with a DT machinegun. The vehicle was however declared obsolete in June 1942 after comparative trials with the T-70 and it was never mass-produced. The prototype was sent to the front.


Tier: 2 MT
Hitpoints: 150
Engine: 85 hp
Weight: 6.8 tons
Power-to-weight: 12,5 hp/t
Maximum speed: 41/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 52 deg/s
Turret traverse: 34 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,014
Viewrange: 300
Radio range: 782,1

Hull armor: 25/15/(?)
Turret armor: 35/35/(?)

Gun: 45 mm 20K(L)
Damage: 47/47/62
Penetration: 51/84/23
ROF: 23,077
DPM: 1084,6
Reload: 2,6
Accuracy: 0,4
Aimtime: 1,9
Depression: -6/+20


Extra In-game Screenshots:


76 thoughts on “T-45: Soviet tier 2 Light Tank

  1. give us a free tier 5

    1. At least a Tier4 once.

    2. Chi nu kai


  3. At least it’s not the Toldi.
    Might actually have fun with this.

    1. C’mon, the Toldi has hopeless DPM and bad hull armour, but it at least has good pen and isn’t completely immobile. Pz 2 D was the real failure. It’s strengths? Adequate frontal hull armour, and pretty much everything else is horrible.

      This will be essentially downtiered T-70 with worse armour but much more comfortable gun handling. It will probably be quite a fun little thing. Shame, though, that this leaves the Te-Ke completely in the dust in almost all categories other than its amazing gun depression. (Yeah, I am one of the 3 people who actually kept that little thing, mostly because it is historically interesting and was a nice free gift)

      1. If it weren’t for Girls Und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior, I’d never play Te-Ke, lol. This thing actually looks like a good little tank, if only we ever got something besides mines/mittengard at low tiers anymore…

      2. make that 4 the te ke is fun

      3. A down-tiered T-70, I think we have one of those, it’s called a T-60. I’m just teasing you bud, it looks fun and it’s Russian so it can’t be bad. 😛

      4. The Te-Ke can do very well with cammo net, paint, good crew and cautious use. Especially at that tier, where they mostly run around like lunatics. Perhaps this little Soviet beastie might be a keeper, like the LTP?

      5. Lol the funny thing is if you watch the vid by meatheadmilitia and the other guy even they said the T-45 is basically a crippled T-70 placed at tier 2

  4. A new premium tank in my collection and good for free commander training also. Thanks WG.:)

  5. Rof 23,077? What sorcery is this?

    1. Everywhere except the US and UK, a comma is used instead of a period to separate a decimal. As the stats are pulled from supertest (aka Russia), they feature this trait (Or it is Rita’s Muscle memory to do that for the same reason)

      1. Wait, so there’s a difference? And why? And who cares? Dear people, please stop inventing this kind of retarded rules that make no sense whatsoever.
        Love – Stormcrow99 A.K.A. Dark_Cloud

      2. @WheeledTank, actually its only the EU/RU that uses a comma the rest of the world uses the period aka decimal.

      3. I meant actual countries, not servers

    2. Or it is the Dakka Mobile

  6. just another low-tier soviet gift tank… as if there are not enough of them yet 🙁 – LTP, tetrarch, BT7art, and now this one… i like these little gift tinks, but prefer to get something more interesting than the next generic clone

    1. – Wait for an weekend X3/X5 exp/crew exp event
      – Additionally activate X2 exp and X2 crew exp personal reserve (or anything more multiplying if there is one available)
      – Additionally activate any other recruit/misc exp boosting reserves/missions you can possibly unlock
      – Take your high tier Soviet LT crew, get at least one win with all those 7 or 8 Soviet prem light tanks currently available with that one specific crew + win one game with the original researchable tank
      – Check out how insanely much exp has that crew gathered in just few easy winnable games
      – …
      – Profit?

      1. You died from arty at the beginning of the game and your teammates won the rest of the game

    2. And be happy that at least for now, all the Soviet gift tanks are more than half decent!
      Tetrarch is great seal clubbing machine, LTP is very ok, BT-7A has great mobility and that little howitzer, which can wreck stuff occasionally.
      And in the mean time check what gift tanks do we have in other trees – T7CC, Light VIC and Pz IID, all of which cannot pen a wooden barn from point blank range. Then there is the latest add-on – Toldi III, which has a DPM of a potato shooter.
      The only couple of usable non Soviet gifts are Te-Ke and T1E6.

      1. I actually like the T7CC because after the buff it pens a bit more, and the extra top speed lets it use it’s great engine. It’s a mobile little bugger. Plus the hilariously large magazine. I christened it Ultraspam Car.

        Was not a fan of the T1E6 because it fires terribly at long range and has limited ammo, but with the map rotation being pretty much only Mittengard and Himmelsdorf, which are largely close quarters fighting, I really should revisit it.

    3. tetrach is british if i remember correctly.

  7. just another low-tier soviet gift tank… as if there are not enough of them yet 🙁 – LTP, tetrarch, BT7art, and now this one… i like these little gift tinks, but prefer to get something more interesting than the next generic clone

  8. They should add the tanks that have been in supertest limbo for years. Im talking A7, AMR P.103, amc 35, amr 35, matilda 1, T24, and M1921

  9. I can’t recall being given a tank on WoT’s anniversary before. Usuaallu we get one around Xmas/New year and one on WG’s anniversary. Or have I remembered that wrong?

    1. tanks have been give out on WoT’s anniversary before, think T7 Combat Car and Te-Ke

      1. LTP was the first WG Anniversary gift IIRC.

  10. I will never play this tank. Knowing myself, though, I won’t be able to bring myself to sell it, either. The thing will sit in my garage and collect dust. But not to be ungrateful, it is nice of them to give us another one of these little free tank thingies.

  11. Looks like the most rushed attempt at gift tank ever

  12. 45mm gun with 23 rpm ? Whut ?

  13. I’ll store my unused Soviet crew in it… Maybe occationally a spin in the training room, but thats it.

    WAIT… This thing has a gun better than the tier 3 toldi…..

    1. Nothing really wrong with the Toldi III gun other than reload and after-shot bloom. other than those it has across the board slightly better or worse stats than this thing, though it has 4 more degrees of depression.

  14. seem much better than PzIID

  15. Number of crew? Guess 2 or 3.

    1. Probably identical to T-60 since this is based on that. Which means Commander + Driver, with Commander also having all other roles.

  16. Yay my Te-ke is getting a new friend

  17. wait, that armor, if you angle properly, still can bounce Pz1c AP shell 😀

  18. And then after a year they will sell it in 100 euros bundle HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    1. Along with the II D

  19. Rita, any word on premium tanks discounts for gold purchase around anniversary days?
    I stacked up A LOT of gold and I’d like to squezze out one more premium tank if they are on 15%

  20. WG, why don’t you give gift tanks of nations that still got any gift tanks, like France, China ou Cz?

    1. Absolutely agree. I wish to have some low-tier Interbellum french light tank (there were a lot of them actually), rather than another soviet copy-paste

      Also the name T-45 is not accurate for this tank – there are T-40 and T-30 lights, but no T-45 (it was late WW2 medium), plz be more historically correct, WG !

  21. Well, I like the T-60 and T-70 (T-80 is not historical, but whatever, was not a bad grind into the T-34), so a hybrid is in my alley!

  22. I just say thank you to WG. I will play so now an a while with this tank just for fun and crew training. I will never sell them because I am having too mutch fun with WOT. To my fellow WOT players who trow away a given toy after little time playing or directly. It is given, for free, stop crying and behaving like an adolescent. If you want a better tank? Work for it and train your crew. Or buy a premium and use it for crew training. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  23. This tank actually looks good :O

  24. Doesn’t look too bad actually. Of course it almost certainly only has a two man crew (the T-60 does after all) but..

    I can see potential for fun in this little tank.

    1. With that rof it can kill anything it meets in 6 seconds .. That sounds fun indeed.

  25. Oh, yeah, thanks, another tank to play on Mines with.

    1. Mines is not that terrible IMO. What makes me cringe is seeing Mittengard when loading to battle. Seriously, Province was not a good map, but at least fragile tanks with high dispersion stats such as the Tetrarch had a role in low-tier gameplay. Mittengard has rendered all those tanks basically useless.

      1. Thankfully for every Shittergard round I get 3x Mines. Well, thankfully is a wrong word, I want to puke each time I see either of those load in nowadays. Shittergard just leaves the unpleasing taste in your mouth for longer.

  26. More free russian tanks just means more free garage slots. It’s like the other tech trees are just invisible to those drunken fools.

  27. I have a dream that one day one of these reward tanks will be something other than a light. I always keep them, I’m not that desperate for either credits (one good game in a tier 8 premium will get the same amount of credits as selling a tier 2 or 3 gift tank) or a garage slot. Sometimes they come in handy for that extra bit of crew training. However, it would be nice to see some other class of vehicle. How about a low tier US gift TD? A Medium, a Heavy, hell, even a low tier arty. I am sure there are plenty of low tier applicable vehicles out there that could be gift tanks, and I am sure they are not all lights.

  28. A tank with something good about it would be nice. Fast, good armor, or a great gun would be excellent. But no, it has to have everything about it full shit…

    1. 51/84 pen is no bad, 300 view range at tier 2 is not bad, nor is its radio range…

      of the tier 2 premiums they handed out for free, this one would only be second to the Tet by pen, 300 view range is solid, and if it actually has a 782 radio range that would give it one of, if not the best radios at its tier, and couple with the .4 accuracy, which will come down with the crew i’d use in it, it could engage its opponents from a distance…

      just because a tank isn’t the fastest, nor has the best armor, nor the best gun of its tier does not mean its shit, it just means its going to be a tank that requires a little more skill to use effectively than the easier to play tanks of its tier, something you must lack if you think with a “If it ain’t great its garbage” mentality…

  29. The tenk may be OK but it’s a tier 2 so it’ll get a gimped map selection and Mittengard. Plus with the newbie protection it’ll take forever to get a battle with it after the rush dies down.

  30. Say hello to my little friend BT7A.

  31. Ah, yes, a most worthy “something worthless this way comes. . .”

    You should see my happy face. I mean, why the hell can’t they give us a tier v or better tank for a gift. Hell, I’d love a free tank that’s tier X, but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen. *sigh* I guess we’ll just have to bear and grin it like all the other newbs who’re jumping for joy. Cause they’re getting free junk that won’t penetrate a block of Swiss cheese. And that’s if the damn thing can shoot the holes. 🙂

    1. I thought that this gun was okay at T3. At T2 it will pen pretty much everything quite easily.


    50+ hull traverse
    300m view range @ tier 2
    51/84 pen on 45mm
    no armor (duh)
    A low tier russian tank that actually has a radio…

    I can see this thing being a keeper, cant wait WG…

  33. for a t2, that looks decent

  34. I guess there will be an marathon for anniversary … why else would the event last since 12th April until 19th May …

  35. This is a slap in the face of the Toldi.

    This is a tier 2 tank that is better than the tier 3 Toldi at everything.

    T-45 has better aim time, better hull traverse speed, better turret traverse speed, better APCR pen, better HE pen, better damage, better accuracy, better view range,

    T-45 also has significantly better reload rate and dps which is laughable considering Toldi has a 3 man crew and T-45 is 2 man crew.

    782m signal range on a tier 2? Fucking kidding me?!?! tier 3 Toldi’s is 400m.

    This is going to be the new T-127 except at tier 2.

  36. As usually we will get… a free garage slot :v

  37. As usually we will get… a free garage slot :v

  38. Sigh, another Soviet Light tank. French or Chinese one instead please! I would love an AMR-35 someday.

  39. Eh, it’s alright. The 20k is a capable gun on a tier 3 premium, at tier 2 it ought to shine pretty well. Unless they seriously screw up the gun handling stats.

    The armor is crappy, but most tanks’ is at tier 2. The mobility doesn’t look good, but it should be adequate. The view range is about average for low-tier Soviet stuff.

    Not the most imaginative addition to the game, but again…it’s alright.

  40. Can you just stop shoving low tier vehicles NOBODY GIVES A FLYING ONE ABOUT to our faces for ONE second, Wargaming????

  41. They do only add tanks that are not very well known and were not suggested by players…Maybe it was suggested, but look how much other tanks were suggested and yet they’re still not in the game

  42. that sloped frontal armor looks promising… might be a usable tank

  43. How`s the anniversary vehicle is still in supertest while the anniversary is right now? So we`ll have to wait for it a month until the next update?

    1. There is server anniversary and company anniversary.

  44. WG should just give a free garage slot and 100k credits instead of giving us these stupid tanks

  45. Hey, stop saying that this tank never existed! IT DID! It wasn’t mass produced due to already better t-70’s rolling out of fabrics.
    The tank is called here t-45, but that’s wrong, that was supposed to be a t-60 with 37 & 45 guns mounted on it. In a matter of fact, this project didn’t even had a name.
    I hope I helped 😛

    Ps. Duch my gramar & spellin’

  46. Looks cool. Always love these little free tanks. Good crew trainers and fun to play. Have been crossing my fingers for the AMR 35 for a while though. I really want some French premium
    gift tanks.

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