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Turán III: EU


just a small update, the Turán III will be sold starting as of tomorrow, 12 of April until 17 of April, coming in 2 packages as it became usual.


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14 thoughts on “Turán III: EU

  1. Any clue on the price?

    1. I don’t like to give clues as there is the possibility of being wrong, so no idea hun.

      1. Okay, well thanks anyway!

    2. If it’s as usual, one will be the tank with just a slot and no padding. The regular price for a tier 5 is 7,35 euros in the shop, except for Matilda BP which is 8,29 because… reasons.

  2. Finaly, can’t wait…

  3. The stats suggest it’s a pretty poor tank, but I do like oddities…

  4. My wallet says no, but the Hungarian in me says YES!!! Well looks like I will fast for the rest of the month. :o(

  5. Look at all those rivets, that can’t be good for the crew. 😛
    By the look of the stats, it might be a good German medium trainer. Now to get this or wait for the Mutz to come back. This might be better, I can club newbies with it. >:D

  6. It’s an ok tank, but it only carries 32 rounds… I’ve lost 3 games so far because of that alone

    1. That is the part I don’t get.
      There has been enough feedback from testers on the Turan, saying 32 rounds are far too few and WG just continues to push the release. As always.

      This in turn does set ‘bad blood’, emphasizing the bad rep WG already has in their view, with regard on their balancing competence and Q&A process.

  7. Might finally shut up the people over on the EU forums that have been clamouring this tank for months now.

    Sorry if I offended with my choice of words there, Rita, but I am just so very tired of their behavior.

    Will at least check the price out when it goes on sale tomorrow.

    1. Untill they start loosing battle because of the super low ammunition loadout xD

  8. I’ll buy it because I buy the tanks but I don’t really need another German premium MT.

  9. well if i say less then 10€ i m quite near

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