1. Jan Meijers says:

    Really like Moran’s presenations, thanks!

  2. Hedgehog1963 says:

    I like this guy more all the time.

  3. Jerry_at_rick says:

    That MG is so wrong in somany ways 🙂

  4. lafie says:

    Even if Nick didn’t say it, anyone who’s watched his vids as much as I have could tell he was not a happy bunny inside that tank.

    And I can’t really blame him any.

  5. spodula says:

    I personally imagine the conversation went something like this.
    “Sadly, i took the plans home, and unfortunately, my 6 year old went a drew a picture of a willy on the front of the tank. We will have to re-draw them all again…”
    “But we should have had this designed 3 months ago! Shouldn’t have spent so much at the beach, surfing.”
    “Dont worry, with a bit of creative bullshitting, i recon we can get this past the approval committee as a machine gun cover.”
    “But its quite obviously a giant knob!”
    “Its ok, we can invite them all over, and get them drunk and convince them its on there in homage to the defense minister…”
    “Sounds like a plan!, crack open the beer!”

  6. S the K says:

    When I saw the scene depicted in the second video, my first reaction was giggling like a teenage boy. My second reaction was, “Is that a water-cooled Maxim MG in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”

    But,seriously, that is the most poorly-designed ergonomics I have seen in any of The Chieftain’s videos. If the gunner sits side-saddle and has to turn 90° and lean forward to aim, then reach under the gun to press the trigger and hope he doesn’t get hit in the face by the recoil, that is bad bad bad design.

    Maybe they designed the hull MG housing to distract the armaments committee from noticing the unhuman ergonomics of the interior?

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