42 thoughts on “Armored Warfare models leaked: K-1, K-2, T-15, IS-7, AMX-13/90 & AMX 10 RC

    1. Lemme see,
      a) You are toxic
      b) AMX13s, IS7 are cold war vehicles, placed at Tier 2 (or possible Tier 3 premium in the IS7 case) alongside M48, T54, and the rest of early cold war vehicles.
      c) When WOT 2 comes out, and has Leo 2, T80, I wonder are you going to do similar post against your beloved WG?

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      1. Jan :O says:

        Well mate a few of those tanks in WoT were invented by Wargaming. For example E-50M. Serb has even patents for them.


    2. Anonymous says:

      the retard that say let’s copy wot lmao , wot is getting old run like shit and for what the the tiny ass maps and nothing to show haha and don’t get me started on copy while wot 2 is copying aw your a sad person , people like you is the reason wot sucks your negativity and your toxic.


    1. Marcos Vieira says:

      Who? The devs or who took those screenshots? Might be someone who got the model files and rendered them on blender to leak the info. Anyways i also believe devs use blender.


  1. Sgt S. says:

    Rita, u should totally take over for AW news until Spooky gets back to the Armored Talk. He’s been out for over 4 months now and it’d be great to actually get regular AW leaks


  2. septfox says:

    Man, I saw “T-15” and thought “wow, that sure is an old vehicle to include, it’s only tier 3 in WoT”. Then I remembered that there’ve been several T-15s made by various countries, and felt silly : \

    I expect the AMX 13/90 will play something like a Bagelpanzer without ATGMs, which could be pretty fun. The hull being modeled also opens up the opportunity to add prototypes/variants that we’d never get in WoT (AA quad 20mms, all-ATGMs, etc).

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