5th Anniversary Type 59 Giveaway



I would like to warn all RSR readers that tonight I will be giving away the following prizes during my livestream:



  • 5 x Type 59 (with Garage slot)
  • 5 x 1 month premium
  • 1 x 5 garage slots (for a single player)

Note: This prizes are for EU/NA players.

I’ve already started and will be giving  the prizes at pre-planned times as I want to make sure that both server playerbases get same treatment, so don’t worry NA players, I’ve planned this to catch your after work/school times as well.

My Twitch Channel.

60 comments on “5th Anniversary Type 59 Giveaway

  1. one50nine says:


  2. Axe says:

    Eh, great for warning us in advance…

    • Rita Sobral says:

      Nothing was given before I posted this, dont worry.

      • thabigjc says:

        hi rita,,
        aaaa i always miss this type of giveaways 🙁
        hopefully one day will get my hands on type 59

      • GetFoched says:

        What time does it start?

      • Henry says:

        The Type 59 ís a cool machine. But I must say that I dislike the decision of Wargaming to exclusively give it away at events although it was sold as a regular (and cheap – we are talking about 20-something Euros) premium vehicle in the past. If they want to earn good money, they should do the same thing they did with the other withdrawn premium vehicles: Selling it in a bigass, overpriced bundle at special occasions.

  3. avalon304 says:

    Welp… Id try but 600 people in chat and my crap luck says I wont get my most wanted tank here. Good luck to whomever wings the types…

  4. Sammy says:

    I want those 5 garage slots !!!

  5. name says:

    Is watching stream is mandatory? Because I’m not into these things.
    Just kidding, still, streams are boring.

  6. Sidonisis says:

    Btw Rita any news about that French premium heavy AMX Mle 49 ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Was fun so far … she read a couple of my lines and had a laugh. What more i can ask for? 🙂

    *takes gun and shoots himself* … urg… no…t..ype…. *dead*

  8. Mark L. says:

    Aww, man. Of all nights to have parent/teacher conferences!

  9. cycoduck says:

    Rita has to approve my comment! <3 love you Rita, wish you all luck for a hype 59

  10. Anonymous says:

    There was a lot of rigging …
    … bad driving… (hit by arti to often)
    and Jingles still owes me a kv220 video!! (gave one on first Prem store appearance, on which he even answered about his “bad german”…)

    yet it was kinda fun… and now 0220 and i go to bed with empty pockets…

    RNGessus gives… Artillery takes

  11. Anonymous says:

    Got back from work and it was over. Cool.

  12. Metzger says:

    Rita: have you seen these “Comic Style WoT Tanks”? http://imgur.com/a/66vJE and https://imgur.com/a/aakFx I wish THAT would be a new fun Mode in WoT some time. They ALL look very adorable.

    If RanZar ever decides to go 3D. He has to do it with these tanks 🙂

  13. Kskss says:

    Just tell me at what time you’ll be giving away the codes so I don’t need to listen to you any more than needed. + campaign is starting today and I have some better things to do than watching you and hoping to get a Hype 59.

  14. geehinyami says:

    Tbh it was kind of unfair. (I’ve been watching you for a long time now, so I wasn’t here just for the Type59 really). Good try on making it fair for both EU and NA, but it was 11PM and I was literally falling asleep (Engineering student), and only two things had been given out.

  15. gosu says:

    interesting !
    when will it be ?
    how can we earn it ?
    or is it already too late ?? 🙁

  16. nano852 says:

    I got banned from chat so couldn’t join the give away 😛 next time will be.

  17. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

    Type 59? I already have it. Nice little tier 3 tank, but type 69 whit ERA is better.

  18. Steven says:

    SEA blouses out again… as usual I see. 🙁

  19. Gieke85 says:

    at least a day in advance would have been appreciated Rita. I love your work but I dont live with your blog open 24/7

    • Rita Sobral says:

      I got hardware problems so couldn’t really give an advance, fact that I was able to stream last night was lucky enough. (My GPU is dying)

      • gosu says:

        does it mean it is all gone ? too bad I would have loved to try my luck but I must have checked the blog just before you posted the news. As a result, I understood you meant tonight (tuesday evening).

  20. Hrothgar says:

    ;3 I dont think i will try even get 59, because i have problem with twich (antivirus+something with internet, mayby too slow).

  21. Anonymous says:

    How to gain instant +1k viewers on Twitch:

    1: Give away 5 Type 59’s
    2: ???
    3: Profit!

  22. thabigjc says:

    me want some t59 rita pls give it to me 😛

  23. rip.. i didn’t see this before today :/

  24. Michael R. Petersen says:

    Would pay good money for a Type 59 on EU server. Got it on my US account, but I mainly play on EU server now.
    If only they put it up for sale, just one day as they did with Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J.

  25. wolvenworks says:


  26. yingyu0502 says:

    i have missed this event?

  27. LuciqeII says:

    If everybody in our community would standup for a type 59, wg would sell the in the premium shop again. I personally never had the chance to get one, but I would like having one because honestlythe type is way better than the 59-patton, and still better than t34-3.
    And rita can you please ask if wargaming is going to resell it again in the future? 🙂

  28. LuciqeII says:

    If we stand up for the type 59, wg is going to sell them in the future again.
    I personally never got the chance to get one, the 59-patton is a catastrophe, the t34-3 is also not as good as the type, so I wish I would have a good chinese medium premium tank.
    Do you guys think they are going to resell them again

  29. Str0nkTenk says:

    Wish WG would give me a type59.. but humble tenk museum wardens who big up their game to every visitor still not enough to warrant..


  30. JohnJr_1 says:

    I just saw the message now. Too bad it is all done with. But I wouldn’t have been able to watch anyways. More importantly, my luck is horrible. The one when they were giving it away for beating tjw devs, I told the devs to keep me out of the drawing since it would be given to the unicums anyways.

  31. Frank Zamboni says:

    hi there Rita !
    do you have any idea on when are we supposed to recieve the Type 59 reward ?
    today,tomorrow, friday ?

  32. Woj Corsz says:

    Hi Rita Hi all. Does it means that it is over now. I just come back home after 12 hours of work and it is too late. 🙁 Reamamber about me Rita another time 😉

  33. marianr87 says:

    Seriously? it’s all done with? I check the blog regularly how did i miss it?

  34. x says:

    Look at all the peasants crying for a pemium which was nerfed into the ground years ago. Meanwhile the most OP prem is on sale, Pz B2 that is…

  35. fediuld says:

    GL to whom ever wins the Type 59, but do not complain if is not what you have in mind.

    Type 59 has received a gazilion of nerfs making it pretty bad nowadays. And if you hated the stock WZ120, is exactly the same tank plus having ammorack on UFP.

    (I have one with 2300 battles I know).

  36. siralexice says:

    Too late, missed it. Type 59 would have been nice.

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