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as I promised yesterday to some of you in the comment section, went to check what were the changes for the 112 Premium Chinese tier 8 HT and statistically everything is the same, the model hasn’t changed either besides a few polygons HOWEVER the price went from 12250 Gold to 10500 Gold.

Also, and thanks to “Rizki Bayu Baskoro” the SEA staff wrote the following: “The main difference between this tank and the WZ-111 is the frequent occurrence of fires due to the internal arrangement of the tank’s modules. The 112’s fuel tank will now be moved away from the frontal armour, where it was previously easily penetrated and set ablaze. This can potentially reduce the occurrence of fires in this tank.” Its a Hitbox change.


Hope this satisfies your curiosity.

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58 comments on “SuperTest 112 Changes?

  1. diegosgm says:

    It was said that the fuel tanks were moved away front he front, so you don’t get fires from frontal shots. Any news about that?

  2. Juraj Hojcska says:

    Is this another WG joke or they are serious 😀

  3. Henry says:

    Great. Do I get my money back?
    This tank is compared to the IS6 or the IS3A pretty bad and is to this day also the second most expensive tier 8 premium tank. The armor is kind of ok, but with big weakspots (cupolas and lower glacis), while the IS6 for example has not really any weakspot on the front. An impenetrable upper glacis (who is shooting at this thing anyway) is no compensation for overwhelming all around armor. The bad gun handling and comparable low reload time (even the IS2 is in this aspects better, not to mention IS6 and IS3A) make this tank not much fun to play. It is of all of the tier 8 heavies the one I fear the least as a lower tier tank,because there is always a chance to penetrate this thing from almost any angle.
    So how do they even came to the conclusion to change only the gold price instead of buffing this tank slightly (especially the gun handling and probably the reload time and the ground resistance)?

    To all potential buyers: Don’t buy it. Bad mistake. It’s neither worth the 12250 nor the 10500 gold.

  4. Fooi Losen says:

    Do you get gold back if you bought it for the old price?

    • Shade01982 says:

      When on earth do you EVER get your money back if a product changes price…

    • pixywing says:

      Reminds me when I bought my E-25 for gold and then they changed the policy of if you have the tank already and get another you get credits instead and then handed out E-25s and I got my gold converted into credits. Thanks Wargaming as I will never buy a premium tank again.

  5. JOT85 says:

    I hope you got your gold back. That would be nice – however probably will not happen 🙁

  6. Anonymous says:

    2k lees gold…
    Knew it blew…

  7. Acidobasico says:

    so……. do I get my gold back?

  8. That’s 10€ cheaper for a tier 8 premium tank with preferencial matchmaking and really good frontal armor if the lowerplate is hidden. If IS-6 is removed that tank is gonna be the new target for wallet kids with 1k battles.

  9. 112 Norris says:

    🙁 Feelsbadman#

  10. Anonymous says:

    You do great work, Rita

  11. lafie says:

    Minor buff, but a buff non the less.

  12. Piledriveryatyas says:

    Pretty sure in the past when premiums have been nerfed they have offered refunds and when they have reduced price they have refunded gold. Just FYI for all the trolls thinking that’s a dumb question. Ie Panther 8.8.

    • Shade01982 says:

      Before you go around calling people ‘idiot trolls’, you might want to think about it first. That was a single incident for a tank that was only fairly new. Which was because WG said they had made it to expensive to begin with. That is NOT the case here. The 112 has been in the game quite a bit longer already, the two situations are different.

      WG might decide to offer refunds, but they are in no real obligation to do so.

  13. Anonymous says:

    That’s their big rebalance? U sure this isn’t the workings of the NA server?

  14. Ares says:

    Rita, this is big 112 reballance ? Is this a joke…if so, after 10.0, and Cyprus, all that was for nothing.

  15. wtf, no buff stat armor just like wz 111?? T_T

  16. N3R0N4S says:

    Highest dmg game EVER recorded in 112 was mine – this ,,buff” really hurted my feelings…

  17. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand the people saying they should get a refund.That would be convenient,I know but why would they give you a refund? The tank didn’t change at all.. It’s like saying you should get your 20euros back from a game because it changed it’s price from 60 to 40 euros..

  18. StevoMS says:

    Thats it, less fires….. gdammit wargaming, yeah i guess its a welcome change, but thats it?!? The is6 which is considerrably better than a 112 laughs at this change, and “The main difference between this tank and the WZ-111 is the frequent occurrence of fires” what about the enhanced mobility of the wz or the wz better gun handling or the wz better side armour, come on wargaming be serious, i hope there are more changes coming.

  19. JD says:

    This thing needs major buffs to be playable.
    – Frontal lower plate buff to IS-6 levels is the most important buff
    – Gun reload buff
    – Gun handling buff

  20. Havoc199 says:

    Improve lower plates on all Chinese heavies tier 8 and up, prem or otherwise.
    The tier 10 heavy can be penetrated frontally by a Tier 6 lights. It’s a fucking joke.

    112 improve ROF to same as IS6 and reduce aimtime to 3 rather than 3.4 possiby alongside slight gun disperson buff. Then this tank will be balanced.

  21. psychopatton says:

    So no changes what so ever on stats. The IS6 if getting buff after buff but for some biased reason this does not get anything. And when do we get the HD model for 112 and T-34-3?

  22. Rich Vail says:

    So, is WG going to do the right thing by refunding the Gold price difference? Or are they going to give the credit equivalent…or, just say fuck you suckers, to those who paid the 12k price?

  23. celiojedi master of brazil. says:

    doesn’t matter any tank can be set on fire if get shoted by HE Shells. 😛

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  25. For some reason I can’t find it in the Tech Tree. Do you guys have the same ‘problem’?

  26. I can’t find the 112 in the Tech Tree nor in the in-game shop…

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