25 comments on “Tank Museum Advert with James May

  1. moogleslam says:

    “the only Top Gear show that will be good”. Classic.

  2. Vorlon1000 says:

    Captain Slow. Excellent! Good job Tank Museum!

  3. thesherbet says:

    such a shame they ruined the advert with children… otherwise awesome 🙂

    • heyy, you have to apreciate the effort to reignite the interest of young people for History. The trailer was awsome, and if the show will be just as good, I think I found my relief for the top gear withdrawal sindrome I’ve been suffering. All that’s missing is Clarckson and Hammond,and of course, “The Stig ” test driving the tanks. 😀 Oh, what a wet dream this is 😀

  4. Liam Gavaghan says:

    James may is the best.

  5. Captain Pugwash says:

    Unfortunately Jame May is very much ex Top Gear, just wished we knew the name of the new show – probably something like 3KiaC (3 Knobs in a Car) – Can not wait

  6. Stephan says:

    Haha, bit of a shame the kids spoilt it a bit. I guess they want to show that visiting the musem is okay for young children which can only be a good thing!

    I visited the tank museum last tuesday with my dad, brother and uncle and they were all very impressed with what they saw. (I persuaded them to visit it after I have been telling them about it for a year) It took a 3,5 hours drive to the museum but it was well worth it, very interesting and I visited a bit more than half of the museum because of the sheir size of it.

    Managed to get a photo of Tiger 131 and a poster of it luckily enough. Very helpfull staff and interesting tours, will definitely visit again.

  7. Nathan says:

    I will be making my first visit to the UK this July, and will definitely be coming to see the museum. Hopefully the Tiger isn’t hidden away from view when I get there.

  8. Kauris says:

    How did the kids spoil it? People don’t like kids anymore?
    This world is awful nowadays.
    (Note: this is not a jab. Just dissapointment that people don’t appreciate the joy that children bring anymore.)
    It was funny that he was interrupted, it’s humor.

    • Fedaykin89 says:

      Children are annoying as all hell. So goddamn annoying that many people, yes, choose not to have their little “bundles of joy”

      • Kauris says:

        They’re annoying if you don’t train them to behave. Which I guess people don’t do anymore. :/
        People also don’t seem to understand sacrifice anymore.
        or giving of themselves.
        I blame the schools. And the parents.

  9. Falcon_96 says:

    And i expected to see Clarkson at 0:19 poking his head out of the tank screaming POWEEEER!
    Or Hammond in some small interwar tankette which he finds “Surprisingly spacious”.

  10. Jan Meijers says:

    We had Top Gear, now we want Top Tier – a tank show!

  11. Synvy (Tea) says:

    Dear Tank so called Museum,

    It’s the modern face of the gentleman’s club, where things get done properly and are followed by a proper pint. (James May, 2010)

    Therefore, no kids please, thank you.

  12. Too bad the location of the museum is terrible, to visit it for a day with the plane. No real airport close, and the one thats close is extreemly expensive, it’s cheaper to fly from Amsterdam to Miami than to that :/

  13. SMGJohn says:

    James is awesome, I want to see them screwing around with tanks in the Amazon show.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Amazing Captain slow 🙂

  15. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    >best tank museum in the world

  16. bbb2020 says:

    So basically, what people are saying is; We won’t have children getting interested in old tanks as those children might end up in battle with us, and we all know what that means for the win chance.

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