36 comments on “Monplesir & Secretplace Maps

  1. Anonymous says:

    hidden village v2?

  2. TDMIllard says:

    Someone at WG really loves that castle model

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or does Monplesir kind of look like lakeville?

  4. secretplace looks really nice, not sure if it’s any good though… WG, we don’t need any more corridors

    • gpc_4 says:

      …but then you’ll just complain about arty and open maps.

      • mizutayio says:

        It’s a neverending dilemna

      • Roland says:

        Every map is better without that unbalanced crap, broken mechanic, then remove clickers and problem solved… Open maps, closed maps, it’s all fine… Even Prokhorovka (worst map ingame these days), it’s “enjoyable” without clickers, with it’s a 15 min. camp…

      • Shade01982 says:

        Oh really? The majority of players would just find the next best thing to whine about. “I keep getting shot by camper sniper TD’s who don’t get spotted when they fire”

  5. Captian Nemo says:

    We have seen both of these maps some months before when they were very early in mock ups.

  6. They just copied the Himmelsdorf castle xD

  7. Donkey308 says:

    Secretplace is a disgusting corridor map, I really hope WG forgets it. Also, it’s a hidden village V2. Monplesir looks alright though.

  8. fighting_falcon93 says:

    OMG they did it again… Why must there ALWAYS be a mountain/lake/caste in the middle of all maps???

  9. muddyside says:

    9.15 Test Server already available !!!

  10. Phobos86 says:

    Lakeville v2 and Hidden Village v2

  11. Boceto says:

    Monplesir looks like that old map North West, except with a lake and one less shift in terrain hight in the east. Meh.

  12. peter vis says:

    hahaha that smiley on the first map, hope it will be an easter egg.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well, they all look like corridor maps. Too bad.

  14. unable2pwn says:

    Move the caps on monplesir and make the castle availble for battle then I think these maps could work.

  15. nano852 says:

    monplesirs cap zones are so open it can fit three fat mamas

  16. Anonymous says:

    Secretplace is Great Wall on console.

  17. I swear to god, they look like almost clones/copys of Lakeville and Hidden Village. The same map layout………It almost like they’re not that creative anymore

  18. wolvenworks says:

    Secretplave reminds me like a fusion of Hidden Village and Windstorm, maybe throw in Pearl River too. Hope it’s an asian map. I fuckin want my asian map, and i can confidently say that i’m quite miffed at having all 3 asian maps removed because some whiner is whining his tryhard ass about how “it’s too hard for my noob ass to play” while loading gold shells

  19. StyleZ says:

    Looking good at the moment, specially the Secretplace. Lots to do there with light tanks, which is very welcome change.

  20. Michael Hughes says:

    Rita I think you have made a mistake. I think these are maps for Dota or Leage.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Lakeville 2.0 and Hidden Village 2.0 – corridor maps. well done WG! …. NOT!

  22. André Gonin says:

    Monplesir, in french (exactly “Mon Plaisir”) with that castle, seems very like the “Chateau Monplaisir” – Mypleasure’s castle – which is a pretty good Bordeaux vine.
    I see that WG still find inspiration in the bottom of bottles…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Monplesir looks really good, i think the fighting could be really diverse. Problem is that with this cap position half the team will be dead before you reach the other side. But caps can be easily moved, looks promising.

  24. thanos999 says:

    another corridor map that is to predictable

  25. Anonymous says:

    wow two more maps with large dead zones in the middle… WHY does WG make a “big” map then waist a lard amount of it with a lake or river? ugh…

  26. […] not mistake with “Secret Place” map that I recently posted. And just like “The Ridge” is very much lacking […]

  27. […] not mistake with “Secret Place” map that I recently posted. And just like “The Ridge” is very much lacking textures as well. […]

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