9.15 HD models compared



Hope you are having a nice weekend, I just arrived from the Tiger Day at The Tank Museum and Jingles and I got some pretty decent footage for you (Will be posting later as I’m knackered)! Anyway…

FerrariHD is back with is usual videos where he compares the aesthetics of the new HD 9.15 models with current patch:

14 comments on “9.15 HD models compared

  1. Wulf Corbett says:

    The Bishop looks better now, the superstructure always looked a bit short, front to back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My opinion, they have other things to work out rather than worry about HD models for tanks that really do nothing for the game.

  3. is it just me, or did that low tier jap tank looked better in SD?

  4. theundying says:

    Still waiting for Obj140, STB1 and E50M. :>

    Btw does anyone know how many vehicles are already in HD? My guess is 40%. Roughly.

  5. SmartestGuyEver says:

    So thats how you make HD Models? Slide over a black line!? …. Whats taking them so long!?

  6. Nemanja says:

    I like seeing theese but I wonder as well as THEUNDYING how many tanks are in HD?

  7. nice nice. I think it’s strange the KV-2 still hasn’t been done yet. Such an epic tank, and russian. I’d expect WG to prioritise that one more… I guess the order indeed is purely random.

  8. Hedgehog1963 says:

    I’m so used to my T-127 looking like it does…

  9. Assassin4365 says:

    M60 HD model upgrade apparently comes with a free mark of excellence. 😀

  10. still_guns says:

    Why is that the SD tanks looks better the HD ones? and the ones that barely change are the ones everybody hates?

    My Chi-Nu Kai loses it’s MG, I’m fed up of this

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