2 new garages: Tankfest & Quiet Beach



there are 2 new special garages:


Have to say that they made The Tank Museum up to point at the exception of some embellishments and the TOG II instead of a Chally at the entrance, still, no complaint! I’m very surprised that they actually made a garage for this year and I most likely will want to add it as a mod later on (this museum been, literally, my second home in the UK), would be nice if one day WoT could give multiple garage layout options.

Quiet Beach

Maybe as a reminder to us gamers that summer is coming and that we should not go outside because such exposure would delay or XP/credit grinds and burn our sensitive skin.

23 comments on “2 new garages: Tankfest & Quiet Beach

  1. TDMIllard says:

    These are nice. It’s weird seeing the museum in game, I like that they just put the Tog II there rather than make a Challenger 1 model.

  2. Definitely gonna find a way to save that beach one for later versions! 😀

  3. Love that cute MS-1 built from sand.

  4. Lissy says:

    so weird seeing Bovington ingame! they’ve done a good job 🙂

  5. Deano says:

    is that an hd tog?

  6. i want that beach in my garage…. T_T

  7. anyone think about Farcry and FarCry 3 when look at beach hangar ?

  8. FlakEater says:

    awww, the little ELC looks so happy on the beach

    i’d go to a beach party with an ELC

  9. Big_Chief says:

    world of Warships has different port locations, something like this in WoT would be a good idea

  10. Anonymous says:

    Both look awesome! I wonder why they didn’t use the Challenger though, didn’t they already make it’s model for April Fools the other year?

  11. hditerrorizei says:

    You can tell those garages are made using Dx11 already XD

  12. Anonymous says:

    Jingles, get Rita out right now

  13. matthewchat says:

    I think wargaming took some scenery out of world of warships to make the quiet beach garage 🙂 why reinvent if you can just re-use.

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