Hangars for download: Quiet Beach, TankFest, 4 July & 1 May



starting a bit late today, my main monitor broke and had to fetch a replacement. Anyway…

Some hangars are available for download for those interested, even the Quiet Beach and the TankFest ones, for those interested:

Quiet Beach

HD Download




HD Download 


4 July


HD Download 


1 May



HD Download 

9 comments on “Hangars for download: Quiet Beach, TankFest, 4 July & 1 May

  1. GetFoched says:

    Ohhh that HD Tog II is so teasing 😛

  2. OrigamiChik3n says:

    For some bizarre reason “hd” file is smaller than normal one.

  3. Wulf Corbett says:

    The colours look ‘off’ in the Tankfest one on my laptop, but the Beach is very nice

  4. dont forget..this will work only for 9.15

    • Wulf Corbett says:

      The Beach ‘works’ – although it doesn’t actually do anything, it’s just a backdrop – in 9.14. Tankfest looks funny, the contrast is off, but it works to a certain degree, no idea if that’s because it’s 9.14.

  5. Str0nkTenk says:

    tenk museum ones look ace! ..apart from all the world of tenks posters..

  6. Wulf Corbett says:

    That didn’t last long, now we’re in Berlin by the look of it…

  7. Maxime JEAN says:

    How can i install the hangar please ? i have berlin garage but it doens’t look good 🙁

  8. Wulf Corbett says:

    Download one of the files above, open up and follow the instructions in the txt file, but place the extracted files in the 9.14.1 folder instead of the 9.15 (which doesn’t exist yet).

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