WoT Console: T-50-2 Stats & Screenshots



for those interested, these are the stats of the T-50-2 that is making its way into WoT Console, but first, screenshots:


The designs of the T-50 were submitted by the Construction Bureau of the Kirov Plant (Leningrad) and Plant 174. The design introduced by the Kirov Plant was more difficult to implement. The distinctive features of the vehicle were its hull shape and a horseshoe-shaped radiator.


Nation: U.S.S.R.
Type: Light Tank
Tier: VI
Cost: 3,850 Gold
Weight / Load limit: 15.53 / 18t
Hit Points: 560

Engine Power: 550

 Speed Limit: 72 km/h
Traverse Speed: 38 deg/sec
Turret Traverse Speed: 45 deg/sec
Hull Armor:37 /37 /37
Turret Armor: 45 /40 /40


Ammunition: 76 pcs
Penetration: 84140 mm
Rate of Fire: 20.69 rounds/min

View Range: 370 m


19 comments on “WoT Console: T-50-2 Stats & Screenshots

  1. Landsraad says:

    Oh gods, that thing is coming BACK?! Well at least it’s only infecting the console version…

  2. Anonymous says:

    its a tier 6….the original one was tier 5

  3. Anonymous says:

    and it costs gold

    • ragnarokbazil says:

      its coming back to the PC it means. as well as the Awfkl-panther as prem tanks. i told ya it would happen ^^

      • dinepada says:

        I dont think that because all the previous owners will reclaim its free premium of both tanks and meh wg wont like to free gift most 3-4 old players again

      • Teobold Tor says:

        Dinepada, they did exactly that with the PzIV – removed the Schmalturm + gun from it, then put it back as the PzIV S premium. I wouldn’t put it past WG to do the same thing again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Geezus… That thing still seems bloody fast as it was before, wonder what it’s terrain resistance is like.

  5. Njet says:

    Everything we wish…
    Because of one light tank, that got put in place?


  6. Imglidinhere says:

    Um… I don’t know why everyone here is crying about this? The stats given are for a severely gimped 50-2. The hull traverse speed isn’t freakin’ 60-degrees a second like it used to be. No, this tank is more in line with the MT-25, just with a different skin. 😛

    • sirdiealot53 says:

      Exactly, I’ve played it on console and it’s nothing like the PC legends I’ve heard so much about. (Motorcycle etc)

  7. Plum1973 says:

    Por tank, cost 4200 gold , lowest hp pool on tier się only 560hp, only 370 view range less then heavy on tier eight and Ninę. One shot-traps

  8. Yertology says:

    Where’s the moe’s? It has blank damage rating!

  9. S the K says:

    Having made the mistake of purchasing it, you are not missing anything. It is a faster MT-25 with worse hull traverse. I’m not sure about the hp/t, but it has a weaker engine than the MT-25 but less armor. It is faster in a straight line, but forget about trying to circle strafe. At speed, it has the turning radius of a cargo ship. As such, it is an easy target when spotted by enemy tanks.

  10. Yertology says:

    Moes are up and running… 2 thus far and breaking 90% has been difficult.

    Cargo ship indeed even with clutch breaking, AND I often bounce shots off artys. Still yet… I really enjoy this little tank but I completely understand how this tank can be viewed as trash.

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