1941 Lego World War Two Battle of Brody



the weather in UK was exceptionally good during the weekend and took advantage to enjoy some free time and get sunburned as there wasn’t anything special coming out for the blog, hope you had a good weekend as well. 🙂

There is still nothing much of interest out today but check out this lego animation from the Battle of Brody:


Note: Just received good news, have an exclusive historical article piece coming soon with a never seen before content. 🙂

15 comments on “1941 Lego World War Two Battle of Brody

  1. sgtkokken says:

    Awesome 🙂

  2. killswitch95 says:

    that MS-1, so adorable… although the fact that they are actually damaging the legos in this way makes me cringe, although its for good stuff…

  3. novaprime64 says:

    Nothing special eh? Any news on coverage of the AW nerf and community backlash?

  4. morganakis_gr says:

    nothing special ? in a day when in all europe talk about tanks and heroes you show us lego gjob

  5. Awesome video. The Russian arty is OP as hell, it needs nerf!

    Oh and why is the Russian kv1 German gray? Lol

  6. yay says:

    Next fun mode for wot? PLEASE!

  7. yay says:

    Friend said “world of lego tanks”
    – but now it reminds me a bit on ROBOCRAFT (steam)…
    there you could play that kinda nonsense

  8. Wallu25 says:

    Just amazing! I’ve seen all of those lego battles. Just amazing how someones can do that good animation with legos

  9. InvaderNat says:

    “We need that gun for a tank!”

    “This gun is for airplanes”

    “There are no airplanes!”

    “I know…we’re good” [high fives]

    Epic, typical logo humor. xD

  10. Ken Hoffman says:

    Lego arty is just like WOT arty

  11. lameminator says:

    Are these sets on shop?

  12. Landsraad says:

    I love that out of all the tanks in the Russians’ first wave it’s the little MS-1 that survives the longest.

  13. Tom Johnston says:

    Awesome arty one-shots!! Gotta love it.

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