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recently I posted that WG is preparing to bring back the Football/Soccer mode into WoT (with less bugs this time), the company knows that its hard to compete for audiences during this events period, the mode will be a way of keeping players hooked but they are also preparing adverts. They got a nice grill at Minsk to do some shooting:


As an ex-atlethe, 1 thing is setting me off, the fact that Wargaming gave the girl trainers instead of football boots. I will assume she wont be doing much on camera, those who have played football or any other sports that includes being on grass know how slippery things can get on such surface, unless the grass is fake too (does look fake) which is like asking for the girl to get hurt and sue as well.

And now will try to fight this urge to play Football/Soccer, little thing about this one, I love and can Freestyle Football.


28 comments on “Football/Soccer Mode/Advert

  1. holgerdk says:

    Its “cleats” not ” football boots” 🙂

  2. Hedgehog1963 says:

    Can you not wear trainers on artificial turf?

  3. Shrike58 says:

    Yeah I so wouldn’t want to wipe out on that concrete-backed plastic…not that this is much different from wiping out on hard-baked clay.

  4. mark west says:

    U, an ex-athelete? OMG, now thats FUNNY! U look like ud struggle to walk up two flights of steps, ROFL. What was ur athletic sport?, bowling, no, wait, chess, lol, (no, clearly ur not smart enough for chess), UM, baton twirling? Yes, that seems ur athletic speed, maybe on the edge of it with frequent breaks.

  5. sujmaster says:

    looks like it could be astroturf which would explain the trainers

  6. Str0nkTenk says:

    Astroturf = trainers Rita, football boots with studs are no good here..

    • Rita Sobral says:

      What I meant is that she can get hurt from Trainers on real grass and/or from falling on astroturf (falling on it will burn more than actual grass)

      • Str0nkTenk says:

        my knees will verify that Rita! ..
        rule number 1, stay on feet on astroturf.
        rule2, no slide tackles!
        rule3, straight round the pub afterwards for multi- beer!

      • Evilsamar says:

        Falling and getting hurt is part of the fun in sports. Gets the adrenaline flowing and forces you to try even harder.

        I understand this is a photoshoot but it’d look more realistic if she had a bruise or two…then again, it wouldn’t be as sexy…or it would, even more. Who knows!

  7. ViKing_6 says:

    France will win this euro 😉

  8. der_merowinger says:

    “They got a nice grill at Minsk to do some shooting:” – Jep, its a very nice grill. Cant wait to put a sausage on it. 😀

  9. “They got a nice grill at Minsk to do some shooting”

    All I see is a female, I got excited for some hot BBQ action! DISLIKE! UNSUBBED!

  10. Alex Knight says:

    Running shoes -.-‘

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