42 comments on “9.15 coming Tomorrow

  1. bellzidanto says:

    I don’t think KR server patch itself.

  2. ThE_MarD says:

    Heyyo, AWWWWWWW YESSSSSSS!!!!! 9.15 is definitely my favorite patch in over a year. WG definitely put some love into it! Gimmie that CoreEngine 3.0 loving!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    bye bye waffel tractor e 100 been nice nowing you now im going off to cry

  4. Ian Davies says:

    bye bye waffel tractore e100 been nice nowing you

  5. Hi Rita – thanks for the heads up! I’m ready to be done with 9.14’s weird physics!!!!

  6. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    My body is ready for the waffle to leave and turning against buildings to return

  7. viktorwulf says:

    The King is dead! Long live the King! http://tanks.gg/wot/compare#t:grille-15;00EAUo2.c:wt-auf-e-100;208hUo2 and http://tank-compare.com/en/compare/waffentrager-auf-e-100/grille-15#T1=485I391I151I591I148&T2=748I607I523I888I148 (Both sites have the old value for aim-time for the Grille. It was massively boosted once the tank made the test server)

  8. Last day to play my waffle, then I will see a shiny new Grille 15 in my garage. I not gonna to miss my waffle e100 one bit. Even I think is OP as shit

  9. Anonymous says:

    WG Belarus Create Why are RU priority update

  10. 0natvar0 says:

    And where is the “Goodbye 112” ? Because i don’t have it but i’m a “Catch them all !” so … still waiting but i have the fear of not getting it ….

  11. i herz boobies says:

    Girl… overwatch comes tomorror… – i dont thinks WG could compete, even if its patch 12.0 with VR, havoc and aritllery removed 🙂

  12. Hedgehog1963 says:

    I’m going out for one game of rampage.

  13. Roland says:

    Then it’s time to farm tears on my T-22, 2 more days of complete joy, bully and envy deflection…. 😀

    Oh wait! I have a 907 too… I can keep doing that! Hahaha sad little shitters out there…

  14. Anonymous says:

    yes, my beloved jap type-4 will get more love…….

  15. From those change notes for NA above, looks like the 112 will be dropping in price (from 12,250g to 11,500g) for 9.15 and will be removed at some later date.

  16. George H. says:

    Gonna go play the Waffle a few last times before the update to remind me how much I dislike it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “9.15 patch is coming tomorrow, at least for RU but should be the same for the other servers”

    isn’t that pretty much always the case that EU receives patch one day after RU?

  18. Anonymous says:

    EU server. No patch.

  19. siralexice says:

    EU server. No patch.

  20. Raphi says:

    Fail ! 🙂

  21. Anonymous says:

    False information, not cool 🙁

  22. muddyside says:

    So at the end there was not patch in EU … but RU got it

  23. Corvi says:

    Yay no patch for us EU scrubs

  24. wolvenworks says:

    can confirm that there is ABSOLUTELY no details on when 9.15 will come out for SEA in the WOT SEA mainpage

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