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there’s a new tank in Supertest, tier 10 Object 257:


A project from 1945 which worked on several variants (Object 257, 258 and 259 which only difference lays on transmission which can be manual or electric).


Tier: 10 HT
Hitpoints: 2100
Engine: 1000 hp
Weight: 55 tons
Power-to-weight: 18,18 hp/t
Maximum speed: 50/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 28 deg/s
Turret traverse: 27,1 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,247/1,63/2,397
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 720

Hull armor: 150/140/?? mm
Turret armor: 350/240/?? mm

Gun: 122 mm BL-13-1
Damage: 440/440/530
Penetration: 260/340/68
ROF: 5,258
DPM: 2313,3
Reload: 11,411
Accuracy: 0,364
Aimtime: 2,4
Depression: -5/+15

Armor and Model:

Link of Interest: 

IS-7: a Titan Late for the War

59 comments on “Object 257

  1. hooraay says:

    it looms like some is7 prototype or what?

  2. TDMIllard says:

    The front of the hull looks like a frog

  3. 0natvar0 says:

    The Clan War Object 260 ? So the will have two of them ?

  4. What the f*ck is the point of all these copy paste russian heavies

  5. Jack Kenyon says:

    It looks like the 4x tracked Soviet Object 279 but without the extra set of tracks. The 279 was designed to withstand nuclear blasts. WG said they’d never add it.
    This looks to be completely overpowered. It’s too fast, easilly the most mobile of the Russian heavies. It’s got too much frontal armour all over, even the weakspots are 245mm thick. The side armour is like T22 medium in that it’s so sloped you cannot pen it, and the gun is good too. If this isn’t nerfed it’s once again blatant Russian bias.

    • Teknokraatti says:

      279 wasn’t designed to resist a direct thermonuclear explosion, as that is nigh-impossible mission even for ship-sized objects (See Prinz Eugen). It was designed to be NBC-proof and usable in radiation-polluted environments like most of the modern AFVs are.

      260 has better HP/ton, top speed, marginally worse hull traverse and identical terrain resistances. I’d say it is faster.

    • Elliott Hall says:

      Have you ever seen the obj. 260, it is op but won’t be needed as it is really rare

      • Teknokraatti says:

        In fact, yes. A couple of times. More than I’ve ever seen VK72 or T95E6 without doubt.

  6. redoxoxyd says:

    guess it’s the last tank to get in the next season of mission

  7. Teknokraatti says:

    Spectacularly ugly piece of soviet steel. Still, stats look pretty good and it’d be interesting to try out. Shame it’s likely going to be a clan war reward though, as I am not a good enough player in an active enough clan to get clan war rewards.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fuck WG Chieftain Mk. 6 !!

  9. Tyrud says:

    Because another Russian reward tank is exactly what we’re all clamoring for 😛

  10. Anonymous says:

    WG are pleased to announce a new strong Soviet tenk! Sing with joy as the capitalist pig-dogs try and penetrate your armour! Cheer as you outrun their medium tanks! Laugh as those who have it try and say it’s balanced! Coming soon to a clan wars near you.

  11. Snuble says:

    Is that a v shaped autobounce hull like the rig-tank?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is6 finally got that buff

  13. mujex says:

    Because this is exactly what this game needed, another fucking IS-7 prototype….

  14. b0red says:

    So it’s an IS-7 with an IS-4-ish turret, with a IS-4 gun with slightly better dpm but slightly worse pen…
    Such a novelity…..

  15. Anonymous says:

    Another Russian tank? really can we have something else

  16. HDITT says:

    If this gets implemented then WG need to be shot. The amount of time they have had to put in the Chieftain. You just watch. This gets put in the game faster than you could say Bias.

    • Yep, they’re adding a new tank. It’s not what most players here want, myself included, but let’s just overreact and wish death upon them for introducing another tank to a tank game, seems reasonable enough.

      People like you are the reason I rarely come to this blog anymore.

      • b0red says:

        I agree with you the world of tanks community is full of little crybabies

      • HDITT says:

        Yeah, because we all know its far easier to implement a prototype model that probably wasn’t built to fruition, while putting aside what needs to be added to the game for balance. We already have enough unbalanced tanks with the .260 and the then-OP t-22.

        If you can’t see that this is causing the game to become unbalanced, then you’re either a pro-Russian fangirl, or you simply can’t calculate the effect it will have on the game.

      • Darkom1973 says:

        WoT community are tomatoes that want chieftain nerfing arty gold ammo and so on. i ended on WoT long time ago

    • Infernal969 says:

      Fuck off already with your Chiefshit. No one cares.

      • HDITT says:

        Is that because it would shit all over your Russian tanks? How sad – Here, have a handkerchief.

      • Infernal969 says:

        I think the only ones needing a tissue are the Chieftain crybabies that no one but Britbongs care about. Your unbearable stream of asstears that has been going for god knows how long makes me almost wish that they never implement it.

      • Darkom1973 says:

        @infernal969 dont give cry babies what they want 😉

  17. Synvy (Tea) says:

    Because they have nerfed T-22 so here comes the another triangular hull, lovely

  18. repofox says:

    Oh great! New soviet clone, like we really need more of those!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I think they should add more russian premium tanks and russian premium tanks and oh did i already say russian premium tanks oh and arty’s like the american sexton 1 with 0.46 accuracy like xbox has (for now only xbox since it didn’t come out for ps4 yet) but they really need to add the american sexton 1 it is in every aspect 2 times better than the british sexton 1 and 2. And since this is the most accurate arty you can easily go in front and play like a td with a derp gun

  20. HnD says:

    OMG, how many more?

    • wfschepel says:

      Russian noobs want Russian tanks. Biggest market and all that. Still, there is a crapload of tanks ‘in devlopment’. Most never see the light of day. Might be that this is simply to keep the Russian peasants excited over something they would never get, even if it would be implemented.

  21. Anonymous says:

    oh boy another russian imba tank, that will be nerfed in few paches after release

  22. Anonymous says:

    another OP pice of shit that trow at us only for the uniqum redline bastards…..stay chill after 3 months when they will introduce it….they will nerf it ….like t22

  23. Anonymous says:

    Oh,wow, another soviet tank,what a surprise! I wasn’t expecting this at all..

  24. SMGJohn says:

    NO! NO! JUST NO!

  25. Infernal969 says:

    Oh, look, another balanced tenk that is able to move only in a game that doesn’t have to follow any logic. Can’t wait for another sideways-standing tank absorbing JPanzers E100 with magical 2 mm of spaced Stalinium.

  26. Alex Knight says:

    Just what the game needs, ANOTHER USSR stalinium tonk. -.-” So sick and tired of this russian bias bs game.

  27. Kyselko says:

    T-22 and Obj.260 got a child?

  28. Patata Caliente says:

    350 turret armor? If this tank is in the right position it will be more or less impenetrable?! And -5 depression is not *that* bad, either (better than some Chinese, at any rate). Rest of the stats look pretty strong as well. I suppose it will be nerfed somewhat … but then, this is Wargaming, isn’t it. When I saw the T-22’s stat on super test I also thought it would be adjusted before release *cough*

    In other news, I am bored to tears with this Soviet tank spam. But well, Soviet engineers were apparently very busy in the immediate post-war era, and the core (read: Russian) audience of WoT loves it, so this will go on … and on .. and on.

  29. vepsilon says:

    For anyone wondering, the T-22 achieved such bullshit side armour by having a little bit of spaced armour over very angled 80mm side armour. This thing has IS-7 side armour covering 140mm of side armour at the same angle as the T-22. People will drive out side-on in this thing and be near invulnerable — the turret (yes, on an IS-7 prototype) will be a weak spot. Which part of “we fucking hate retarded side armour” didn’t get through WG’s thick skull?

    • Derple says:

      It has the front of an IS-7, turret and gun of an Object 260 morphed into and IS-3/IS-6 mould, and the side armor of an IS-7 + T-22 abomination. Seems balanced.

  30. sniperexe says:

    Russian tier 10 premiums have no end.

  31. Havoc199 says:

    Just what we need….

    Enough of premium tank spam.
    Enoigh clan war tank spam.
    Enough of Russian bullshit OP tanks.
    Enough broken Russian side armour.


  32. Another Russian medium spam? Aren’t there nations on the tech tree with not even half the tier 10s Russians do??

  33. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a beast..

  34. Will says:

    i spotted the obj 257 on 9.15.1 test server dont know if it’s viewable since i could only upload it to quickybabyreplays.com

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