13 comments on “World of Papoj

  1. vipercann says:

    that was a nice farewell ceremony. i was almost going to cry.
    but i did not since i dont have Wt E100 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s real good film for Wt E100 , we will remember your great power !!!

  3. PedroBurito says:

    Jingles SerB and whoever in the crazy bert, glorious

  4. ghostguy says:

    damn that WT e100 movie :’|
    and by the way, Rita do you by any means know if we’ll get a tank for compensation in addition to the grille 15? like they did before with the FV4202 by giving players a prem tier 8?

  5. ghostguy says:

    oh i see, didn’t know it was a different thing, though they would drop the skorpion for the replacement, thanks anyways!

  6. BlackDeathII says:

    Great video!
    What’s name of the ending song?!

  7. BlackDeathII says:

    What’s the name of ending song?!

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