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I’m catching up on some content. Caught a flu earlier this week , did kept on typing for the blog but I simply couldn’t translate anything while badly burning up with fever, but the most important bit, here:

Gathered by Edrard.

-SPGs wont be forbidden of using TD mode (free non-tabbed view)
-“There’s no Invisible walls” -added in 9.15 to avoid players from driving up unwanted areas-

-Player asks: “Then what about this?”

-“Ok we added some…”

-There are no plans to fix post-mortem- “It’s not a priority”
-About the issue of being stuck in hangar: Only potato PCs have shown this issue and there’s not enough feedback on it.
-On the Minimap size increase: The devs deliberately left room for the alerts that players were destroyed.


Odds and ends I caught here and there:

-Although Swedish tree is many months off, the players may be lucky enough to see by the end of this year.

-On the Murican tree, TDs are being discussed to undergo overhaul as well.


34 comments on “Q&A Catch-up

  1. Diego2015 says:

    I was waiting for the discount on the 112 as you have suggested and now it’s gone from the premium shop too. Guess I’m not going to be able buy it anymore. And no, I’m not going to pay extra for a shitty bundle just so they could milk me more. If I knew that there won’t be a discount I’d have bought it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our “Flying Sorcerous” has been grounded..

    this will cheer you up Rita.


    ” just call me if you ever need repairs..oh… are you there ?” S/V 🙂

  3. psychopatton says:

    Every day is another betrayal. This is life! We suffer and slave and expire, that’s it.

  4. Rides says:

    EU get the same game bug as NA with being able to sell rental tanks for there full selling value(not just the ammo it shows)?

  5. sgtyester says:

    “-On the Murican tree, TDs are being discussed to undergo overhaul as well.”

    why do get a very bad feelling for my 110E3?

    • rubberboas says:

      Im betting its going to be targeting things like the T28 and T25/2

      • T25/2 is actually doing pretty fine, but not as a TD (which is supposed to have better guns for the tier), but i agree that they probably will rework those 2 tanks as well as T25 AT

      • Me says:

        T25 AT is nice, its an US JP, nothing there to buff or nerf, same as T25/2. T28/prot and T95 are garbage, but this depends on the map and team, if you have many fast teammates or enemies, maybe even on a open map with arties, you can as well just leave the battle.

  6. james says:

    Hello gorgeous its jb, just thought i would say i sympathise i caught a cold 11 days ago just getting over it now, it had to happen on my first week at a new job…dohhh .Any way hun get well soon hope to see you streaming as soon as your well. xx

  7. Get well soon, Rita!

    “There are no plans to fix post-mortem” – I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand this. Is there a bug in the game after you’re killed in battle? I’ve never heard of it.

    “On the Murican tree, TDs are being discussed to undergo overhaul as well.” – This might make a bunch of people happy. In previous posts, I read a lot of complaints about how the T28 and T28 Protector are completely fake designs and should be eliminated. I’ve also heard complaints about the Hellcat, though what, precisely, was the issue I can’t recall. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other about any overhaul, but as long as I can still get to the T95, I’ll be satisfied. Monstrously slow, too big, too vulnerable to artillery, a magnet for premium shells, doesn’t matter. I want one.

  8. Anonymous says:

    there is a bug in ingame chat……..it does not return to team chat when you write something in general chat…..or is it just me?

    • Not just you. I don’t know if it’s a bug but instead of defaulting to team chat only, WoT now remembers where you sent your last message and leaves that as the default. Unfortunately, this persists from game to game. This means that if you send a message TO ALL to yell at the enemy artillery for killing you, get into another game, and then try to tell your team your top secret plan to flank to the left, you have to be careful because chat is still stuck on TO ALL and there’s a good change you’ve just told the enemy team where you’re going.

  9. S842 says:

    So long as an area is within the map’s boundary why create invisible walls (and then lie about it until caught)? If someone is able to climb a hill, let them. Anyway, a lot of this hill climbing takes so much time to accomplish, while not doing something else that would be more helpful to the team, that it is counterproductive.

  10. Angr says:

    Why was 112 removed without a discount first so they make money off it?

  11. -On the Murican tree, TDs are being discussed to undergo overhaul as well.

    Fuck yer! About time

  12. Alex Knight says:

    -On the Murican tree, TDs are being discussed to undergo overhaul as well.

    If they dare touch my E3 houses will burn -.-

  13. siralexice says:

    So WG is lying, get caught, OK we lied and that is all?

    • septfox says:

      I’d say in this case that it’s whoever answering the questions was ignorant on the matter. It would have been stupid to knowingly lie about it, after all, seeing as it was in the patch notes.

      “Adjusted the landscape on the following maps to prevent vehicles from driving onto zones that were not supposed to be passable”
      …followed by a list of damn near every map in the game.

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