Rental Tank Bug/Exploit



for those who are unaware on the past 24h and since the release of the 9.15 patch there’s a bug exploit that when you sell/remove rental tanks,  it only notify you for small sales of ammunition and consumables but it will give you for the vehicle’s credit value (unlisted) as well . Some players got 8 to 12 Million Credits from this already.


For those on NA, tough luck, its already fixed (came on today’s micropatch), Ghost Prime, a WG NA Community Coordinator gave the following statement:

Dear Tankers,

Thank you for pointing out the issue with the rental system where you could sell the rentals for credits after the 9.15 update.

Good news! This morning’s update has fixed this issue, and selling rental will no longer give credits in return.  For those of you that have sold your rentals for the extra credits, how do you plan to spend them?

Please create a ticket to support if you have any questions or should any issues arise.


However, EU hasn’t micro-patched yet, they will tomorrow (From 06:00 to 06:45 CEST).


Oh Wargaming you done goofed up…

83 comments on “Rental Tank Bug/Exploit

  1. Mmememesterrr says:

    I know someone on NA who got 16 mil from this

  2. slotracer says:

    Yup got about 8m from this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lol, how? I cant even find rental tanks 😀

  4. Dictator says:

    Rita, you may want to do a post on the Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f), they are selling it on the NA server for $10.00 U.S. dollars. Why… just why…

  5. Diego2015 says:

    Not working on EU. Sold my IS-7(R), only got 16770 credits as usual.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t work fo me on EU

  7. Tomah4wk90 says:

    Cannot reproduce on EU anymore

  8. Miroslav says:

    I no longer see missions 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    got about 60k from selling 3 rentals (as usual) so it doesn’t work on eu

  10. Anonymous says:

    Just sold the rental JgTiger 88 and got 3 mil i think 😀

    • Tell me this isn’t real, cuz im pissing my pants right now from laughin so hard..

      • fighting_falcon93 says:

        It’s real 😀 I got 2 million from my rented Jagdtiger 88 😀 Gold cost is 10’000 gold and 400 credits per gold, so:
        10’000 * 400 = 4’000’000 / 2 = 2’000’000 😀 😀 😀

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am from the NA server – my understanding is that it didn’t work on Rampage tanks, only the expired rentals in your garage(KV-5, Panther 8,8, AMX CDC etc). I may or may not have made 16mil 🙂

  12. mredweird says:

    What are these rental tanks people are talking about, I don’t see any on EU, weren’t the (R) tanks for Rampage?

    • Anonymous says:

      There was two missions on EU a few months ago. You could get AMX CDC or JgdTiger 8.8 for 3 days. On NA server those missions are more common.
      Rental tanks stayed in garage after rental period (in their own slot). You could remove them but you didn’t get anything for it, except small amount of credits if you sold ammo.
      With 9.15 you could sell them for their full price in credits.

  13. Uuuhhh says:

    I haven’t even gotten a chance to try 9.15 yet. Damn thing doesn’t load past syncrizing discounts.

  14. Anonymous says:

    So, yet again, the response to players exploiting the game is to let them keep their stuff and do nothing in particular about it. Way to address the issues.

  15. SomeGuy says:

    So the response to players exploiting the game is, yet again, to do basically nothing and allow them to keep their stuff. Way to address the issues, WG.

    • Anonymous says:

      When it’s an exploit that doesn’t affect other players, that would be the correct solution.

      • Anonymous says:

        Regardless of if it effects other players or not, the fact remains that people blatantly exploited the game and will receive zero issues from it. Any exploits must be punished, even if it’s something as simple as just deducting the money back out with a warning. To do anything else undermines the competitive nature of the game, and proves once again that “exploit early, exploit often” is the method to get ahead. Nobody cares if you cheat your way to victory in a single player game. Giving people the equivalent of multiple free T10 tank purchases in this game undermines the effort every legit player went through to grind out cash for theirs.

      • siralexice says:

        Either all players get free 16.000.000 credits or all exploiters get their credits taken away.

      • fighting_falcon93 says:

        Aaah you’re one of those honest people… Oh look there’s 2 million in front of my nose, but nooo, I’m actually gonna grind them honestly instead 😐 And how do you want WG to tell apart the ones that actually wanted to sell/remove it and those who exploited the bug? Wow does people like you actually think before you write or do you just roll your face on the keyboard and are happy with whatever turned up? 😀

    • Roland says:

      I bet you 2 didnt get the credits, otherwise you wouldn’t be complaining at all… Why is people so disgustingly envious when someone gets a lucky shot? I was adviced of this rental stuff, I tried and It didn’t work, but it’s not harmful for anyone but WG. WHO CARES? Jealous bastards everywhere…

      • Anonymous says:

        Woo, woo! All aboard the moral bankruptcy train! This wasn’t a “lucky shot”, it was an obvious exploit of game mechanics. And since when is being an honest person some sort of negative accusation? Grow a pair and work for your stuff. People cheat, get called on it, and your response is to complain about people who want a fair experience?

        Also, if someone just wanted to get rentals out of their garage, then surely they wouldn’t object to having the unexpected credits taken away? It’s also exceptionally easy to track where credits came from in an account. Everything you do with your account is logged (see restoration of sold vehicles, for reference), and assuming their DB people aren’t complete idiots it should take all of about 5 minutes to write an SQL script (or noSQL, if they roll that way) to parse out sales of rental vehicles and deduct that back out. If I had access to their tables, I could do it for them.

      • Roland says:

        Honest? The only “victim” here, was WG, everyone else is either one of the lucky “exploiters” or a just a jealous whiner… Period. All the other stuff you said it’s just chit chat…

  16. Hedgehog1963 says:

    I don’t understand…From 9.15 the rental tanks can’t be earned, let alone sold.

  17. Liam Gavaghan says:

    Hey Rita, I think I found something that may interest you. On the WoT Launcher on NA atleast, A picture flashes up of the T-34-88. Was wondering if you would like to see screenshot.

  18. Liam Gavaghan says: Here is screen shot.

  19. Liam Gavaghan says:

    Hopefully this will get good news!

  20. Liam Gavaghan says:

    Any thoughts rita?

  21. God damn it who the fuck made WG aware of this? We could have all cashed in on it. The fuck!

  22. wellyesorno says:

    Sale them rentals EU guys 🙂 QUICK!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny you should say that but I sold all rental tanks on EU a while ago and I never get them back even when rental missions are complete.

  23. heldermartins1 says:

    Are u running mods? If so, try to run the game vanilla.

  24. siralexice says:
    Coming to the EU servers today, probably

  25. Made well over 15 million… easiest credits ever earned.. rip free barrack spots though.

  26. siralexice says:

    I can’t f* find the rentals but this f* game just popped up the notice IS7 rental expired. How the hell did it expire when it wasn’t anywhere in my garage?

    • siralexice says:

      There is no way to find them in the garage, rampage mode has been removed

      • Renarde Martel says:

        You can find them through Armory. The exploit is talking about rental premiums though, which only NA had IIRC, the Rampage tanks sell for only 30k or so.

    • Homer_J says:

      Rampage tanks were worth 0 credits anyway. This only worked on the regular rentals and EU didn’t get a lot of those. They were a big thing on the NA server.

  27. wolvenworks says:

    no announcements for 9.15 in SEA, so prolly the WG SEA guys will fix it before they launch it to us (providing someone told Tan abt it)

  28. lameminator says:

    “Hey there’s a way to bug the game, i’m gonna definitely exploit it because im a scrub lord!” Will there be temporary ban?

    • fighting_falcon93 says:

      Aaah you’re one of those honest people… Oh look there’s 2 million in front of my nose, but nooo, I’m actually gonna grind them honestly instead 😐 And how do you want WG to tell apart the ones that actually wanted to sell/remove it and those who exploited the bug? Wow does people like you actually think before you write or do you just roll your face on the keyboard and are happy with whatever turned up? 😀

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, I might be idiot enough not to exploit it. Anyway, are there players who really do nothing else except look for such bugs, because I’ve never considered this idea, and some other things I’ve witnessed in other games.

    • Why would players be banned ? Because WG created a bug ? Because that’s totaly fair to you maybe

      No there wont be bans, this doesnt ruin tbe game, WG aknowledged their mistake and patched it, and they know it’s their fault if players would get more credits for a few days.

      • lameminator says:

        Just a max. day or few hours. They’re far from EFE, so I would not be too tough with them.

  29. Is is alreasy patched ?
    Damn I wish I knew it sooner… I so need those credits right now .-.

  30. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Thank you Rita and whoever that found out about this, two much needed millions got cashed in 😀

  31. nano852 says:

    im busy and i cant play wot until next friday nooooo free credits :(((((((((((

  32. basilis98 says:

    Does it still work?

  33. Anonymous says:

    I’m on EU and had the rental JT88 which I used as free barracks. Sold it for 2.39 Million yesterday. 🙂

  34. phdrvrba says:

    Aaand yesterday this did not appear in my rss feed. I’m kinda pissed…

  35. Steve says:

    Lets be honest, whats the big deal if you got 6 to 16 million? WG acts like the money comes out of their bank… (shakes head) Even worse for us on SEA, we still do not have 9.15 and NO word when we will git it. typical shit we get on SEA.

  36. Only more premium shell spamming. Not really unusual on NA anyway 😀

  37. Well what can I say, let’s farm some cash!

  38. Jurrunio says:

    Too bad SEA still playing 9.14.1…….

  39. Rides says:

    I made 10.4 mill off the glitch, I wasn’t going to do it. But then I remembered when RU got to keep all the money they made reselling good ammo after the first big gold shell price readjustment. That was fixed before it when live on EU or NA… Well now we even 😛

  40. SCHWEDENTANK says:

    Hi Rita! I just got a massive bug where my PREMIUM ISU-122 DISAPEARED FROM MY TANK carousel or w.e its called. But its still listed in the Armory that I own it. I have tried to re-log in but its gone..I dident sell it eather..It just vanished after returning from a game. Have you heard if this is a commen bugg?

    • Anonymous says:

      Tried to check the filters? You can easily “lose” a tank by not paying attention to the first win of the day’s filter

  41. Anonymous says:

    sold a rental CDC on EU yesterday. thanks for the profit

  42. vepsilon says:

    The rental IS-7, 50 B, and T-62 aren’t bugged. The bugged rentals refer to the rental premium tanks that some servers like NA get, where they’re able to test the Mutz, or KV-5, etc. for a month before they can no longer use them. EU gets no such specials because we’re hated, so we don’t get ridiculous credit exploits 🙁

  43. I am ME says:

    8-12 million? I got 16 million from it….

  44. Anonymous says:

    And thats why WG is a fucking joke. “Thanks for reporting the issue guys. Any who got free millions of silver from this have fun TROLOLOLOLOLOL”

    Fuck you WG I’m done.

  45. siralexice says:

    Still no micropatch on the EU server, though it was announced for 27.

  46. Rudi Russel says:

    Is it already fixed?

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