“Unique Rocket”


Yuri Pasholok sent me this gem today:


He commented on his page: “I give an idea to the developers of other game where all the equipment is not paper. These unique Rockets are not planned for WoT and neither is the Nation”

“Unique Rocket”

35 thoughts on ““Unique Rocket”

  1. Of course, the trailer would be far too difficult for Wargaming to impliment before the other more pressing rebalances, like the arty. The tractor in this condition would also be too difficult, as North Korea wouldnt have a full tech tree, but the original Russian export version of this tractor, with its 100mm gun and very tough armour at the front and sides will soon be coming as a premium tier 8 or 10 medium special reward tank.

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    1. Aye-non-eee-mouse says:

      To be fair, I imagine that all you’d need to do to convert the tractor back to a farming implement would be to unhitch the rocket trailer…

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    2. SMGJohn says:

      You forgot they execute their entire population 5 million times over and over again every split minuscule second, the Pentagon confirms this including anonymous South Korean intelligence source.
      The country is also made purely from unicorns and lava, Kim Jong Un is a flying sorcerer who controls heaven and earth, which is uses to kill his enemies with.
      Its a known fact that Kim Jong Un often causes earthquakes and tsunamis outside Japan, this is confirmed by the BBC, CNN and Fox News.


      1. SMGJohn says:

        Yes, because people who rape teen girls and steals and then escapes over a border sure are trustworthy, right Mexicans? What? No? Fuck you Mexicans! Time to build a wall!


  2. sturmi0545 says:

    dissing AW by showing something, that AW could actually implement (even if only for fun), and which would be impossible in WoT, even if they spent another billion $/€ on their PigWorld engine XD. Though, I’d expect Warthunder to do this first.

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      1. Its fake in the fact that they found no need for it, as it would be wholly impractical to create. They found they’d have to change the entire turret to fit the larger gun, and that would be too expensive and time consuming. I don’t believe they ever made a prototype either.


  3. 1389__ says:

    And at this very moment, the talented commies over at Gaijin, located the WW2 combat action reports for this vehicle in their sicrit documints archive and will introduce this premium rocket launcher platform to the game for only 199.99 $.


  4. Dingus says:

    You should report on the huge AW fail that happened yesterday. Devs, publisher and the players – all got fucked hard and are mad.


  5. rapikol says:

    It’s impossible to implement, it would cause huge FPS drops on stronk PCs and it needs a complete game engine overhaul to enable segmented vehicles, maybe in 10 years


  6. Would be good for WoT 2.0. Anyway, these artillery pieces look like a joke, but since they’re not to withstand any kind of fire, it won’t matter what drags those rocket launchers, which could still be decent and mass produced well – can’t be too expensive. But yes, this picture represents the North Korean army well.


    1. HerrHorst says:

      That’s an amazingly onesided and uneducated article about the Korean war. They even managed to dance around the fact that the DRPK invaded the South not the other way around while also neglecting the well proven encouragment of the communits north trugh stalin.


      1. SMGJohn says:

        Your intelligence is a testimony to the Pentagon brainwashing program, you think earth is flat? Its not, its round!



    2. It’s amazing youre still allowed in here John.
      Make one, just one non provocative comment. A kind word, a hell yeah brah or something positive. Maybe your narcissism simply wont allow it, but give it a go mate.


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