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After patching 9.15 on NA went to take a look at my garage and this popped up:

This is what you can expect for June:

  • VK 45.03 for sale since June 3
  • Soccer mode returns
  • Panzer 58 Mutz (June, 3) and IS-3A (June 17) for sale
  • Even more Rentals

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28 comments on “NA: What to expect

  1. Havoc199 says:

    Inb4 global rebalance is3a increases frontal armour to 150mm aimtime 0.7 seconds no weakspots etc etc…because russian

    • madogthefirst says:

      It already has no real weakspots. (The only remaining one is the roof which has been reangled to be impossible to hit unless they are on the side of a hill.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    No wonder soccer comes back… its like RocketLeague.

    If you pick Mutz over Is3… you might got a ball against your head 🙂

  3. jetcannon says:

    Hmm, do you think things like the VK 45.03 will be coming to us “across the pond” folk, too?

  4. Hedgehog1963 says:

    Meanwhile. EU server, earn 100,000 XP and get a camo net and a bar of chocolate.

  5. Da_Zohan says:

    Can you ask the powers that be if they can come up with Berlin Quartet style tanks with BIA as zero perk for nations other than USSR and UK?
    I could use some USA/French/German/Japanese crews like that as well.

  6. Of course EU deals will be fu*ked, delayed or overpriced. Thats the only thing for sure.

  7. Michael Dixon says:

    wooo hooo the 45.03

  8. madogthefirst says:

    God more BIAS-3’s are inbound.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love my is3a. I’d recommend it over any other premium. It’s the perfect farmer

  10. Landser says:

    The VK will probably come a week later on EU

  11. psychopatton says:

    Please let us choose bundle or tank only for the VK4503. Used waaaay too much money on premium tanks lately. A clean tier seven price = Me buying.

  12. Major Rager says:

    Yeah that is some ok stuff, But…….. I’m gonna hold out until the repairs are made before I re-install.

  13. Patata Caliente says:

    Another two client crashes today, and I do no even use XVM. F… it – I am not gonna buy that VK, even though I intially planned to. Can’t be arsed to pay any more money to this company.

  14. nytracus says:

    Rename xvm battleresults folder so it can’t be accessed and my xvm is fine now…

    Also vk45 is tiger with actual useful armour? Surely not

  15. SlayerBR says:

    well they will be giving VK 45.03 rentals in the NA server, so we can expect a huge amount of VK spam, time to use all that amount of tiers 7 to get some top tier battles.

  16. Keller13 says:

    Would really like to buy the Mutz. Probably one of the best premiums to date. But I still don’t see any fixes so wallet stays closed.

  17. ghostguy says:

    wondering if they will do discounts over tanks on tech tree (talking about premium tank) i’d be so glad to get the fcm 50t but i only have 10.5k gold, just need 15% off to buy that beast :'((

  18. JoeBlobdob says:

    I get a pop-up too when I look at your garage 😉

  19. Dead_Zombie says:

    Great, more rentals for the window lickers to use, and screw up tier 10 games..

  20. Shankmeyster says:

    you can still get the mutz on the NA shop but it may just be in the 3 pack. will prob pick up VK or IS3A for shits and giggles.

  21. PUNISHER989 says:

    sigh, to bad the VK 45.03 has the top plate as a weak-spot and the turret frontal roof is so massive, this thing cant tank against anything, was considering getting it till research showed these MASSIVE weakspots

  22. Shankmeyster says:

    still waiting to see that KV-4 TD

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