Swedish Q&A



sp15, a nice lad who had written multiple articles for RSR and is fairly involved in the development of the Swedish Tech Tree which is coming later this year to WoT has agreed to make a Q&A.


If you have any questions about the Swedish Tech Tree or Swedish armoured vehicles please post them in the comment section bellow and as usual, take your time but also have in mind the quicker you are the higher chances you will have of your questions being picked.

Thank you.

Sandbox: Patch Notes 1.0.2



there’s a new patch on Sandbox and these are the patchnotes:


“This patch contains both parameter changes that concern the SPG vehicle type in general and changes to specific SPGs. There are changes to vehicles with weak armor protection (Leopard 1, AMX 30B, Bat.-Ch‚tillon 25 t) as well as to vehicles with great armor protection (Jagdpanzer E 100, Maus). While the former did not fare well in terms of their performance, the latter started to dominate the battlefield.



  • Reduced the aerial damage of HE shells from the edge to center. Now the damage is distributed more evenly. This change is made in order to increase the probability of hitting the target with splash damage.
  • Changed the formula according to which the penetration of SPG HE shells is calculated. Penetration of SPG HE shells has increased two- to threefold compared to the previous iteration.
  • As in the first iteration, stun now affects vehicle reload time. Now, stun affects reload time even more.
  • Changed the duration of stun. On average, it has increased by 10%. This change was introduced in order to fix the issue where stun was always applied to vehicles that were standing at the edge of the area of stun’s effect and that did not receive any damage.
  • Adjusted the protective properties of Consumables and Equipment against stun:
    • Fixed the issue where Chocolate decreased the duration of stun by 30%.
    • Large First Aid Kit now decreases the duration of stun by 5% instead of 10%.
    • Superheavy Spall Liner now decreases the duration of stun by 15% instead 20%. General properties of the Equipment piece are retained. This piece of Equipment works well against the effect of stun.

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Q&A Info Dump



I’ve gathered and translated with Ctacello’s help all the Q&As I’ve missed while I was at TankFest 2016:


TankFest 2016’s finding: Stalin Action figure.

-Player whines that 9.15.1 didn’t bring anything useful and only made him redownload his mods. Storms answers: “Play without mods”

-Player complains that since the minimap was changed the minimap icons are overlapping each others and they look giant. -Storm says that there are some issues with the interface because the team changed the “Action script 3.”. The Team will be fixing this. Continue reading

RSR Update: Back from the events lunacy and future



this one just arrived from TankFest 2016, had a tiring but wonderful time there, loved meeting so many of you and I cherish all the words of support you gave, thank you!

With Tankfest now over it also means that my schedule will be coming back to normal, June is by far the busiest of all months, I’ve gathered plenty of footage that will be working on in the next few weeks and also got to meet and create lots of new contacts around the “Tank World” to create/gather even more in the future.

I’m going to cover some questions you’ve been frequently asking and giving you an update, it’s been a long while since:

The elephant in the room, FV3805 Restoration Project


Well is hard to put it, the project is currently on stand-by. Basically, with Kickstarter failing (I was against using Kickstarter from the beginning because of the short period permitted to gather all the money but that wasn’t in my decision) it meant that we (Ed Francis & Co.) would have a smaller word on the project, Ed Francis was pretty much the one that was keeping things organised. Continue reading