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The UK has been warm today and the aircon broke, now that temperatures have lowered I’ve crawled out of a cooler hole. Doing an all-nighter for you. Anyway…

There’s a new PR department head at Wargaming,  Finn Juuso Millirinn (Juuso Myllyrinne) will be substituting Nicholas Nebyshintsa who has held his position for 10 years.

Juuso has a considerable experience in the area, he has worked previously for  McDonalds, Nissan, Nokia and Mastercard.

He says: “I’m glad to be a part of Wargaming. The company was one of the first to work with a model of free-to-play, has created its own niche in the market and confidently holds the leading position in it. I have a constant desire to seek new opportunities and have the willingness to take risks. Besides, I’m an avid gamer himself ” …  “I am confident that with this team we will achieve truly great results. “


Good luck!


42 comments on “WG’s new head of PR

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope that self declared gamer plays more intense war games other then minesweeper

  2. RagnarokBazil says:

    What PR stand for? player rateing? So hes number 1 in wot? Or something?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess they know they’re gonna need a good spin doctor for their inevitable fuck-ups.

  4. Wallu25 says:

    When stuff gets serious, call a finn! 😀

  5. Major Rager says:

    McDonalds, Nissan, Nokia and MasterCard?

    Junk fast food, Japanese cars, cellphones and DEBT
    I cannot think of a better example of lethargic distractive slavery!
    THIS guy is a Affluenza carrier coming from some big corporations that has killed many a sovereign nation, take a guess what he wants from you.

    • hmm, Mac kills you , or at least makes you fat, Nissan is well known for breaking down among motorists, Nokia , well, we know how they cocked up in the smartphone war and lost they’re market, But anyone who can sell debt, can surely sell a free to play game , right? pfff, wonder what will come next. Something tells me pay 2win will becone a reality soon.

  6. x says:

    Dude looks like he just bit into a pile of crap… Head of PR with such a shitty photo, it’s a win already. :-)))

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is just like the WT e100 replacement with the Grille 15: so many people think it’s (and that guy) are gonna suck and after a while everyone will just swalloy their own vomit that they spread all over the new replacement (i.e the Grille 15 being good after all and this guy being nice after all).
    Bunch of fucking negative Nancies everywhere

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m more surprised that you have aircon at all.

    The uk has only a few weeks in a year where it gets hot.

    Also a few weeks in a year where it’s properly cold unless you live in a remote place with nothing but sheep and rocks and bonus weeks of cold.

    The rest of the time its very average whatever with clouds on.

    Businesses and offices have aircon but in homes it’s not common.

    • Rita Sobral says:

      My room is in the first floor where the heat goes and then on top of that I have the PC running all day, becomes a furnace. I actually had to take a couple cold showers. Cant even open the windows because the cats try to escape, one wants males and the other is just too dumb.

      • wfschepel says:

        Well, I have got two kittens running around. They are cute. 🙂 (Although the cat who was begging for a tomcat, went *real* quiet if we let her out. I expect she wanted the tomcats of the neighbourhood to come inside. :P)

      • Rita Sobral says:

        Cant trust dem female cats. Harlots, all of them. hehe

      • tetrapodum says:

        Ever thought about installing some kind of fence around your window? … Luckily my little ones gave up the “escape the window slit” strategy a few years ago, considering i live on the sixth floor …

      • Rita Sobral says:

        I bought a metallic window fence and it arrived incomplete (doesnt protect the entire window). Need to go to the big pet store and get something better.

      • lameminator says:

        How much was the temperature? – In Celsius or Kelvin degrees

  9. heldermartins1 says:

    Give him a week… handling with all those dumbasses over the RU clusterfuck will make him regret his life’s choice…

    • wfschepel says:

      Yep. I also feel kinda sorry for this guy. What with the regular crap WG EU decides to pull, the only way forward is to do a bit of house keeping and fire every last one of the idiots. That isn’t going to happen, so, instead, he will facepalm his way into a severance package. I give him six months.

      • tetrapodum says:

        Naaah! This attitude is the problem! Lets wait for them to establish a new dialogue and consider a little bit of patience 🙂

      • heldermartins1 says:

        “…a new dialogue…” It will be like they whine and he shrugs and says “the devs are working on it, I’ll be posting news when ready”, then shuts down his webthingy, looks at his cat and goes “start running, Clicker, you’re next”.


  10. tetrapodum says:

    Welcome Juuso, lets generate a nice, constructive consensus on things 🙂

  11. jim says:

    In other words we will be seeing a lot more milking soon as WG tries to get the last few € frm their players before the game croaks. From what I’ve seen of the leaked “Balance 2.0” specs, they are completely clueless about how to save the game.

    • tetrapodum says:

      “how to save the game” from what?
      Granted, there may be some points to work out … but its a game of chance! Of course you get some situations where best effort leads to certain defeat, but some time after that its your turn to kick butts for sure! 😀

  12. Infernal969 says:

    They definitely had to pay him very well or he hasn’t done his homework before accepting the offer.
    WG is a gaming company with some of the worst PR I’ve ever seen anywhere.
    But we can still daydream about how he sends severance packages to every single fucktard working at WG EU.

  13. Laineee says:

    Wuhuu, Finnland, Suomi, PRKLE. No but real, if this guy is from old days of the nokia, when brand was really, really good(everyone know how Nokia 3310 is hammer of Thor and stuff like that) Wargaming has got really important member to their Public realitons actions(that what i think this guy will do) team. But what so ever, Finnish man in Wargaming, all of the Finnish peoplle have to go go(atleast) to the biggest plaza of the town like always when someone of our home country get in some “news” 😀 .

  14. Anonymous says:

    Besides, I’m an avid gamer himself ”
    maybe learn a bit of english before starting 🙂

  15. Me says:

    Wargaming must be really in deep shit, if they are hiring gipsies from McDonalds to PR department.

  16. Arnout says:

    I Hope the new PR manager can create transparecy and real communication to the community, otherwise it’s just a new face. Maybe he can focus on professional Q&A’s with real information and civilised language (don’t call player whiners in every Q&A). Also the communication of the helpdesk/support leave a lot to be desired.

  17. swuul says:

    His brother is Matias Myllyrinne, who was for 15 years the CEO of gaming house Remedy (Alan Wake, Max Payne etc), but left Remedy last year to work for WG (he is Head of Development at WG now). Juuso has also been a morning radio host in his past, and became known for his stories about games he had played previous night. So yeah, I’d say he is a gamer (and I don’t mean Tetris or Facebook games), and he should have pretty close knowledge of where WG is heading; how all that translates to information to WoT players I don’t know though.

  18. Again someone who has written his speech “himself”! lol

  19. stormerfile says:

    I hope the man will bring a new ear to the WOT community and make it easier for WOT to maintain new players as well as keepinf the seasoned players interested in the game.

  20. PUNISHER989 says:


  21. sturmi0545 says:

    Perkele!! My ’92 Sunny approves of this 😀

  22. Anonymous says:

    To be honest they can’t do any worse.

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