23 comments on “Disgusting…

  1. ArkSyve says:

    Unicum rounds

    • Lapo says:

      To be honest those rounds only add about 5mm pen more, so they wont help really, only better splash, but usually when i play 99% of the shots will hit the target, so splash radius is not that much important

      • SlayerBR says:

        @LAPO you should really study how HE mechanics works in WoT before you say “splash radius is not that much important”, cause splash on hit does a great role in module damage, and in the HP pool damage, and alot of other things, so take a look on the WoT wiki about HE mechanics =P

      • ArkSyve says:

        With the increased pen and splash radius,the damage is increased aswell,but i know it isn’t autopen stuff.

  2. CrazyCheese says:

    And once again, the german anti-fun Police, the GEMA prevents me from watching this video 😛

  3. Corvi says:

    Goldz only. As always

  4. Someone says:

    A video with a moron fighting other morons who can’t hit a tank 5m away. And it also shows how PATHETIC the Grille really is. Fuck WG.

    • GU-7 says:

      Given the Grill 15’s current status, it’s just fine… People are just too aggressive with that tank given it’s current stats, and if you look at which one’s that were mostly hit in the video, were those that were in the front lines…

      To top it off, most of them ignored the T49, and or didn’t see him, so that’s human error, not Wargaming, and besides if it was the WTF-E100, that HE round to the turret would probably destroy that tank… that and it’s a bigger target…

    • Corvi says:

      You mean how pathetically OP grille is ? No you cant see that in the video, but you can very well see it in randoms.

  5. Laserguided says:

    So the solution to make LT useful again is to give them derp guns.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Disgusting indeed…
    – this REPLAY BUG of 2x posts is almost a decade old and yet not fixed

  7. ohaowars says:

    This tank succeeds at trolling itself. Actually hitting something that isn’t 3 meters away is a miracle

  8. masterdyme says:

    Great mobility, superb camo and a ridiculous one-shotter gun… Since it first came out, I’ve said that it’s the most broken vehicle in the game – even worse than WT E 100 was. The arty haters should really go apeshit over this one! 😕

  9. Nathan says:

    Ah my precious little LT derpette. I love you, never change. 🙂

  10. hernando cardona says:

    For every time I get to derp someone in my T-49, there are five times i get killed.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The video is too short.

  12. ASK LAPO says:

    OMG, u rly use aimbot??? Or whats that mod which enables u to lock targets behind obstacles?

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