33 comments on “Pacific Rim Map Video

  1. WileyCat says:

    4th quarter is the last quarter of the year rita lol

  2. neil says:

    looking very good oct,nov,dec.

  3. Anonymous says:

    why is there a bridge in the middle of nowhere?

    • Not that proud says:

      It goes over swamp in that area. It’s not useful as a feature, because that area is very open and can be hit from the ridge in the north or the beach from the south. Generally speaking, that’s a dead zone on the map. This is a console map–we’ve had it for over a year now.

  4. moogleslam says:

    Visually, that’s gotta be one of the best maps in the game. I think it might play well too….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Seems unfair that one spawn gets the high ground and the other doesn’t.

    • Xx1Tommy1xX says:

      The side with low ground got way more cover.

    • Not that proud says:

      It’s pretty balanced. Most of the time, it feels like the team spawning on the beach is assaulting the mountain, but if the north team just camps, they will probably lose. The south team can get close in without getting hit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rita? Get any interesting fan mail?

  7. Greyson Harvill says:

    The metatron is southwest and northeast brawls. Shit for lights, and arty.

  8. TDMIllard says:

    I know they probably won’t for performance reasons, but it would be awesome if there was a naval and aerial battle going on all around you. Just hope I don’t get hit by a Kamikaze in my Tog II.

    • Not that proud says:

      We get that on the console, actually. In the normal variant, there are ships in the distance firing. In the “War” variant, there are ships, planes, and if you spawn on the beach, some tanks start inside landing craft with the door dropping. It’s pretty rad, actually.

  9. K. Hoffman says:

    Looks unbalanced and should be bigger to me.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hope this map only max 6 tier, because it`s very small map.

  11. PUNISHER989 says:

    If they made this as the 1st non arty map, this would just be an epic map of dueling and tanking. ( it still is, but this would be the place for awesome show downs)

  12. Renzo says:

    Hey look that is pacific island. That map has been on xbox one for almost 1 year now

  13. vipercann says:

    let me guess the most popular phrase of the map.
    “fuck this team, i go swim”

  14. Winterx says:

    Visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing, though needs some more green and blue tones for scrub and lagoon waters, respectively. Play-wise…. hmmm – I am more than skeptical; seems one side gets a far better position along with the higher ground… I fear if this will be used for PU matches, it won’t be too long until a s crowd of people will nag it 6 feet below at the WoT Mapo graveyard.

  15. Anonymous says:

    4th quarter sounds like it will be winter of this year

  16. Anonymous says:

    “the first quarter of the United States federal government’s fiscal year is October, November and December, Q2 is January, February and March, Q3 is April, May and June, and Q4 is July, August and September. State governments, on the other hand, may decide their own fiscal calendars.”



  17. kilo_india_alpha says:

    this map looks so bad. roughly 1/3rd seems to be water and then there are these incredibly high peaks with 85° slopes….
    Why do they not try to go new ways. Open maps with vegetation and huge passable areas. There is a reason why tanks have only up to 10, maybe 12° of gun depression. That is enough on almost all terrain. But WG introduces some small CQB maps again.

    Why do they re-balance the game and give scouts a higher view range compared to other clases on the one hand and introduce maps like these on the other?

  18. Shin says:

    Already on console, there’s plenty of videos about it if you search for it. There’s a normal version, like seen in this video and a “war” version, sort of like Ruinberg in Flames, with more destruction, a different aesthetic and more cover from ruins.

  19. ebasi says:

    this map resembles pretty much the worst map(for arty) in AW… copy/paste much?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Will it feature jaegers fighting kaiju in the background? 😀

  21. Anonymous says:

    They have got the wrong theme song.

  22. ThE_MarD says:

    Heyyo, heh does the map come with massive robots!? 😛

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