24 comments on ““Funny Glitch”

  1. Qill says:

    RIP Physics

  2. Svatek says:

    Thanks for posting Rita 🙂

  3. DeadArashi says:

    Phsyics, working as intended

  4. Wulf Corbett says:

    I shall hunt for that rock & try it out…

  5. sujmaster says:

    i dont get how this is a glitch he hit the rock at really high speed at an angle what was supposed to happen?

  6. JoeBlobdob says:

    That was the WWF Rock 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    That isn’t a glitch. More like an idiot not knowing how to drive.

    • RagnarokBazil says:

      Its a glitch how? Lights flippingwas turned off so. Light tanks if starting to flip gravity forces the tank to stick in the turrain so thats how it works. When you jump ina light you will see shit like this happen not in any tank.

  8. I would say that isntead of a glitch it is realistic behaviour to running over a rock, it’s far stranger that rocks in WoT have no effect on our tanks movement

    • pixywing says:

      Because suspension doesn’t exist as well as tanks don’t weigh anything. I would love to see a 50 tonne tank being shot up 15 feet into the air. The best you ever see is a tank rolling over on its side going into a brake turn going 60 mph+ on pavement.

      • it’s true that small rocks would get crushed but did you see the size of some of the rocks in the video? we are not talking about a tank slowly rolling over the rocks but a light tank moving at full speed, the least it would happen would be destroy the track and IRL probably damage some of the roadwheels or some parts of the suspension
        other than that the M41 on the video didn’t hit the rock with the tracks but with the bottom of the hull, in that case the least we could expect is it getting stuck on top of the rock but since it was moving at a high speed it’s normal for it to “bounce” into the air

  9. x says:

    It happens on multiple maps w lights…..

  10. nano852 says:


  11. dimo says:

    I experienced a similar “glitch’ in M3 Stuart on other map… perhaps its feature, not a bug :d

  12. Léo.W says:

    T A N K E S T H E T I C S 420ピュー

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