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“Somebody on the WoWS marketing team had fun”


thanks to Avalon304 for bringing this to my attention.


20 thoughts on ““Somebody on the WoWS marketing team had fun”

  1. I love the Titanic bit 😀

  2. yeah that was a cool add.. it’s nice when they make adds fun

    1. Add means addition as in 1+1

      Ad means advertisement

  3. You know, thats what games are about – having fun!! 😀

    Nice thing that some ppl seem to remember it once in a while

  4. “Look down on others.”
    Literally lol

  5. Haven’t played WOW yet?
    Nope! but thanks anyway, still waiting on them to cleanup the first mess.

    1. WoWs is already very good actually. High tier Destroyer spam is a major problem, but everything between T5 and T8 is very enjoyable.

      1. Actually there is a destroyer spam between T5 and T8 now …

  6. Why would anyone want to play that game? I haven’t tried myself, but it looks extremely slow paced and simplistic. In other words, boring.

    1. Simplistic? 🙂
      Armor pen is not depended on RNG but angling, no peek-a-boo shit, DONT give side to enemy, torps are dangerous and not to mention tactical diversity where, compared to WoT, we need REAL teamwork thx to classes, not take Obj 140 and snipe whole fucking game with HEAT and you do 4-5k dmg…so much “tactic” in it 🙂 First try, than comment.

      Miroslav Pavkovic – RGT ESL team WoT 🙂

      1. I’ve only seen gameplay on YT (Jingles), and what I’ve seen didn’t convince me to try the game. I didn’t see any interesting mechanics in the game that I could learn, things like spotting, weakspots, maps, etc. in WOT/AW. I’ve been mostly playing Armored Warfare recently, along with some singleplayer games.

      2. @MKOO

        No interesting mechanic to learn?

        The very act of shooting at an enemy is a mechanic you need to learn, and refine over months.
        No weakspots to learn? Haha, wrong. Citadel placement, which ships use an all-or-nothing armor scheme, how to avoid doing mitigated HE damage on too damaged sections…

        Maps are intricate, seeing as the indirect fire makes it so there are some parts of the map you can shoot over, others not. Some places you can avoid spotting, which parts to avoid…

        Spotting? Oh, apparently having to deal with surface detection, air detection, activating or not your AA guns to avoid getting spotted, radar, hydroacoustic search, smoke, all that is less interesting that WoT and AW’s “bush kemp” mechanics.

        WoWS is a much more complex game than WoT.
        The fact that you’ve seen a video of WoWS and think it’s more simplistic that WoT means two things : it’s a well designed, intuitive game, and that you might just be looking for reasons not to like the game.

    2. You didn’t try it. Right.
      It has its moments for sure, especially if you dont want that “stress” playing hard like in wot.
      (learning 300+tanks with weakspots and what not… )

      Its aim and forget.

    3. Actually is a lot more exciting than WoT. In WoT you have mostly fast paced 1 vs 1 combat, but in WoWs its basically team vs team, as most ships can shoot across the entire map and can hit you at any time. There is a lot more teamwork involved than in WoT where everyone just goes solorape/die.

  7. Does anyone know if you can sink the Yamato in this game?

    1. Yes… The Yamato is a tier X Japanese battleship.

  8. I saw that video yesterday but it wasn’t the only one, the released 2 adds yesterday
    “You Haven’t Played WoWs yet?!”, the one above and “WoWs – Romantic Sea”

  9. “Avenge the Titanic!”

  10. I think I gonna avenge the Titanic.

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