Wargaming America – The Fisher House



When I saw the thumbnail nearly skipped as I thought it was going to be something silly as usual (not complaining, I like it actually) but I’m glad I didn’t:

“We are happy to announce that the outstanding efforts from our players during Military Appreciation Month helped in collecting $125,000 to support the Fisher House Foundation!”

I like MeatHead’s awkward penguin walk for the camera. 😛

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  1. Mr. B says:

    Hey Rita, little off subject here, but have you heard anything about tanks not loading battles for people running windows 10? If so have you heard of any resolutions to it or if WG has acknowledged the problem yet, thanks in advance.

    p.s. I am apparently not the only one experiencing this, anyone running windows 10 is apparently.

  2. Howard Kim says:

    I think Windows 10 has compatability issues with directx 9 and 11. This forum post:
    literally has ALL the fixes you can make to get WoT running again. I used this forum post and my game worked instantly, almost like a miracle. If these fixes don’t work for you, I guarantee that you have a hardware issue or your WoT game has some incomplete files due to improper installation…something like that. By the way, I have windows 10 too, so my issues must be somewhat analogous to yours.

  3. shankmeyster says:

    took part in the WOWS run and got it completed just before the end. glad I actually contributed to something and I didn’t even know I was.

  4. Anonymous says:

    americans raising money to make ppl fight more. gg. USA is like Putincountry now.

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