4 comments on “World of Papoj

  1. killswitch95 says:

    Outside; “Whats wrong with World of Tanks?”
    Me: “Go watch any World of Papoj video”

    dat T-54 Ltwt tho “Oh hell no”

  2. sgtkokken says:

    One of his best videos ever…

    Yup… that T-54 Ltwt… must be like… (looking up into the sky) “Why do you hate me??” 😛

  3. eat3reat3r says:

    Time to cut the crusty 2010 memes out I would say

  4. Wulf Corbett says:

    I think I just suffered one of those shoot-past deaths… Dicker Max aimed at a Hellcat, he dodged, hit my Jackson… I was never spotted, according to 6th sense…

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