Sandbox HD vehicles: FV215b (183), T57 Heavy & 113



good morning lovelies! I’m finally back from Wicksteed at War, the wi-fi at our tents got busted and couldn’t work from there, it happens, on the other hand, got some really interesting footage to share with you but all in time, catching up on last days. Hope you had a good weekend, I sure have! 🙂

These HD vehicles from Sandbox got leaked:

FV215b (183)

T57 Heavy



68 comments on “Sandbox HD vehicles: FV215b (183), T57 Heavy & 113

  1. American tanks have the best looking HD models imo. All the details on the tankq look amazing

  2. Peter Vis says:

    Deathstar looking good, backside is a little flat but the turret front is nice.

    • Léo.W says:

      Reminder that “deathstar” is originaly the nickname given to the JpE100. >:(
      Even wargaming used it few times.
      Damn that british frying pan, all hail the all-mighty JP!

  3. Lightvading says:

    WOOOW FV215b 183mm Looks amazing!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice FV215b (183) HD model; shame nobody plays that piece of shit since they nerfed it to the ground.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope. It’s still playable. But I only use gold ammo on it. Too inaccurate for AP.

      • SFC_Storm says:

        No one ever used anything but Gold.

        Lol 275 PEN with HESH was just wicked. E75 killer from the front.

        To bad no matter what WG will always make the RU tanks much better.

    • “nobody plays it since it’s been nerfed”

      “nobody plays it” sure if you stay at tier 5 you wont see a lot of them

      “nerfed the crap out of it” yeah because having HE with enough alpha to OS some tier X HTs at 270mm pen was not OP, and 230mm is completely unplayable, so unplayable you can still pen all tanks in the game from front if you aim for half a second in the direction of a weakspot (too hard to do compared to the old autoaim, it takes a bit more skill than arty so I understand you cant do it)

  5. Hunter_Steel says:

    113 and Death Star looking good. T57 Heavy can now be even uglier in HD!

  6. Corvi says:

    Wow that AP dmg nerf on the 183 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      i think it is a bad idea, because if the AP gets nerfed, more people is going to shoot gold. and most likely lose their creds as well. i dont see the point…

    • All high caliber guns received a dmg nerf in that version of Sandbox. JPZ went from 1050 to 950, Grille 15 from 750 to 700.
      Whatever they do it’ll simply ruin the game as long as HESH exists, and 300mm+ gold ammo exists on any class other than TD. Because any kind of nerf will promote gold spam even more. Pen nerf = need better pen so gold ammo. Dmg nerf = need to make shots count so gold ammo. Accuracy nerf = same as above. Even mobility nerf = no time to flank (as if anyone still used tactics in 2016 instead of loading gold and autoaiming) thus facing frontals thus gold.

  7. Havoc199 says:

    So the sandbox is already live?
    Are all the people already invited?
    Any more to get in?

  8. morganakis_gr says:

    why you don’t say that you make copy-paste news from ???

    • Rita Sobral says:

      Edrard (guy from WoT-News) and I help each other, he’s my Russian counterpart, nothing new. We speak with one another privately, and both create content which we give to each other before hand. He does RU and I do ENG.

      • OrigamiChik3n says:

        Rita, you should sometimes put a “copy-paste news from xxxxxx site” disclaimer for sh*ts and giggles. Just so some small minded kids could have their only chance of feeling happy in their pants.

      • wfschepel says:

        Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good thing to show where your content comes from. It is common courtesy imho.

      • Rita Sobral says:

        We always do that but with Q&As. screenshots not really because we usually put whitemarks. That’s how we do it with each other.

      • Rich Vail says:

        Attribution is a courtesy…however, if he doesn’t have a problem w/you posting his stuff w/o saying where it comes from and he does the same, then there is NO problem. Most people when they “steal” stuff, usually attribute it to the original author as a courtesy. That I believe is the original protestor’s point.

      • Rita Sobral says:

        Exactly, Edrard and I are close and we have absolute no problems with it. 😛

    • She doesnt need to say it because it is ratger obvious. WoT news is in russian, FTR was just an english translation of WoT-News articles when it comes to leaks and news, so it’s just logical that RSR works the same (even tho rita apparently has her own contacts with WG). What’s your point ? If you can read russian nobody forces you to read Rita’s blog.

  9. thebeatles0100 says:

    the 183’s turret look so much cleaner

  10. thebeatles0100 says:

    950 dmg… well pze100 will get dmg to 875

    • JPZ had 950 too in the last Sandbox post. But that was an older version.

      Hopefuly HESH got nerfed to the old AP dmg. 1250dmg is alredy huge considering HE also damages modules and crew.

  11. morganakis_gr says:

    o dear ORIGAMICHIK3N SAYS you make me cry lol….cause you don’t have brain to see different links its not my fault

  12. mredweird says:

    Whoa, FV215b 183 got a very nice side armor and lower plate buff. i want to see the same for the FV215b HT, too…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Rita, I know you must have had a great weekend. But something really bad happened Sunday morning. A gay club in Orlando Florida got shot up by an ISIS terrorist. 50 confirmed dead. I don’t know if you had seen the news yet, but I think it would be great if Jingles did a video with you in memory of those lost. We need to strive to stomp out hate.

    • Rita Sobral says:

      I was literally cut out of the world the entire weekend and busy in tanks, heard of it once arrived back home, its terrible.

      • Anonymous says:

        You and jingles need to do a video to bring support to the families. You guys have such a big following that even more help will be sent. Please, help out a horribly hit community.

    • Kate Hodgson says:

      The “terrorist” had nothing at all to do with ISIS, and was not even particularly religious. This was a hate crime directed against the LGBT community.

    • Diego2015 says:

      Dude while it’s terrible that it happened, it has nothing to do with Wargaming, WoT or Jingles…

      • drakko26 says:

        Tend to agree here with Diego. It was a terrible thing that happened and maybe Jingles and Rita COULD do something or address the issue howeverm from could to “need to” – huge difference.

        I, for one, will completely understand them if they avoid this particular powder keg. I think we all know how toxic YT can get if a content creator does not 100% agree with the views of whatever asshat from who-knows-where.

    • I do not really agree with “anonymous” above. I dont see why jingles or rita should do a video of it.

      As terrible as it is, it as nothing to do with their channel’s topic, and I dont think it’s a good idea to start getting off-topic even for that kind of events. Actualy I think its a better proof of respect to simply feel sorry for those familles but not mediatizing it. If you lost a brother or a parent the last thing you’ll want is entire countries, thousands of people who have nothing to do with your family, talk only about it for days and act as if they were directly concerned to mostly get attention (even if thats not their first thought).

    • Havoc199 says:

      This is the problem nowadays. People read the news and believe it all. Do some research before believing the twisted version of truth and sometimes just blatant lies.

      1. The person was themselves gay. The idea that he had hate towards LGBT community was due to an out of context quote where the father said ‘after seeing a gay couple he was enraged’…..because he was jealous. Kind of coincidental that all the media missed that part.
      2. The shooter was mentally ill. Remember that guy who shot up a school and slaughtered dozens. He was a Christian, he was part of a far right extremist group and he was also an islamiphobe spreading hate and condoning violence against Muslims. But they didn’t mention any of that. They said he was mentally ill. This person who was a Muslim but not religious at all was also mentally unwell however the media forgot to mention that part.
      3. The media stated that he may have had links to ISIS. May being the key word there. They had no proof whatsoever. Unlike the earlier mentioned shooter who was part of a far right extremist group and also was a self identified islamiphobe.

      I just wanted to point these few facts out. Please please please stop just believing everything that the person on the TV says or what the newspaper says or what the man on the radio says. They are people, they make mistakes and the companies that own them also have interests. They benefit from portraying certain things in certain ways.

      Don’t mistake this comment as an excuse. They is no excuse for this vile and horrific act. But remember not to paint all with the same brush. I’ve grown up in a Muslim neighbourhood and they are some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of knowing.

  14. Xx1Tommy1xX says:

    T57 with a bigger turret……..the T58 turret those that mean that the 155mm gun is planed?

    • Bonesaw1o1 says:

      probably not, chieftain mentioned ages ago in an interview that WG internally trialled the T58 as a tier X (TD I think, ala T30) but found that with 6 ish shots of 155mm and the level of armour and mobility it had there was just no way to get it to play in a way that wasn’t OP as shit (think waffle 100 but with actual armour)

  15. Anonymous says:

    And i am just sitting here, waiting for kv4 in hd…

  16. existenz333 says:

    RIP 113 autobounce UFP

  17. nice HD 113, t57………. ^^
    but where is it HD fv 215 HT?? HD t343?? HD 112?? T_T

    • Teknokraatti says:

      As funny as it seems, FV215B 183 is historical, but the FV215B is a complete fake created by WG. It may very well not be HDfied ever and WG plans to replace it even though they can’t decide how.

  18. is it just me, or does 113 turret looks like its move forward a bit?

  19. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    This just solidifies my opinion on how sexy the 57 is, damn! what a beauty she is!

  20. shankmeyster says:

    why they can’t get the 215b heavy HD’ed I have no idea and the tier 10 E50

    • Both FV215b and E-50M are made up by WG. They even copyrighted the name E-50M…

      On the other hand FV215b, the historical one, was always planned to have a 183mm gun mounted. Thus the FV215b (183) is historical, while FV215b (HT) is just a Conqueror with rear turret (And E-50M is just an E-50 with more pen and engine power).

  21. any armor stats on the 113?

  22. Craig Jones says:

    Just got my application accepted to the sandbox server!

  23. psychopatton says:

    And the Chinese looks underwhelming as expected. WG hate the Chinese.

  24. SFC_Storm says:

    They should make a T58 They dont need to make it 6 shells, also I liked the idea of having the 155mm be derp only loke they were in RL, similar to the 152mm on the T49. Something like 100 Pen HEP rounds or 180 MM HEAT with 750 DMG would be a great tank.

    So the perfect flanker, dealing realistic DMG, rather than copying 152mm RU crap with 350+ Pen and firing solid shot.

  25. SFC_Storm says:

    RU still will reign supreme by far. 113`s 68 degree plate is now a vanilla 63@ 120mm so basically a T54`s upper, with a weak ass lower and not enough depression to matter.

    Its time Chinese and RU get there RL depression numbers esp for the amazing armor things like the Is3 and T-54 get despite them being cramped and firing very slowly compared to NATO tanks

  26. Synvy (Tea) says:

    There is something strange with the FV215B turret.
    Look at the gun mount, this is a straight copy from the Action X’s turret.
    Check the angling on the mockup picture, compare and you will know.

  27. Carlos says:

    a long time I hope T57 in HD, they will improve the armor of your tower?
    I hope so…

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