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I apologise for the lack of content, I tried as best as possible to catch on the weekend’s content but I had previously planned in my schedule to participate in a conference with the WoT Developers about Sandbox (more info on that coming soon) and besides the usual streaming I had to go out to prepare some things for Jingles 500.000 subs celebration. This summer is crammed and I will also be taking a step forward on my tank driving (going to get the class H license finally). Hope you understand, I love doing this but there is no point if can’t live my life as well, especially while it’s summer.

Catching on now.

Svatekl2 uploaded this video on an interesting accessible location in Swamp map:


Although to get there he needed help from other players, he also said that LTs are actually capable of climbing it by themselves.

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  1. Baytz says:

    Quicky allready got a Video about the Interview about the Sandbox Mode so.. Far To Late 😉

  2. Baytz says:

    There Is an Video about the Sandbox Interview on quickybabys channel so far to Late 😉

  3. ryanlj says:

    Yep, you can get up there with pretty much anything with 50kph and 20 hp/ton, just have to “ride the wall” instead of ramming into it directly

  4. podian says:

    “Although to get there he needed help from other players, he also said that LTs are actually capable of climbing it by themselves.”

    I’m still amazed how accessible the map became for LTs and FV304 with these new physics.

  5. Auslander says:

    I assume you meant 500,000 and not 500.000? 500 subbies doesn’t quite have the ring of half a million.

  6. I wonder if that spot will lose access on next patch now it’s highlighted or did they allow access on purpose and just wanted folks to figure it out for themselves?

  7. Nuutti N. says:


    It is true that it’s capable for light tanks aswell. I actually discovered this aswell a few days ago 6.12(?) with my Bat Chat 25t. Here is a link to the replay how to do it with bat.

  8. Svatekl2 says:

    You did it again Rita! Thank you <3

  9. septfox says:

    To be removed next patch because glorious Soviet heavy tenks can’t get up there by themselves and/or WG absolutely loathes the idea of lights/light mediums being able to use their mobility to do interesting and unexpected things.

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