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9.15.1 HD models


brace yourselves, a bunch of HD models for you from 9.15.1:


Picture heavy, click “Continue Reading” to view.

49 thoughts on “9.15.1 HD models

  1. Embrace yourselves? Eh?

    Nice pictures 🙂

    1. is it brace or embrace for plural? This bit of the English language often confuses me.

      1. Neither are plural/singular, different meanings. Embrace is more like a hug. Brace is more like prepare (as for this article), also used as a noun for a structural support.

      2. I think you meant ‘brace’. To brace or to embrace are two different words entirely :).

      3. What these guys said, although it can’t hurt telling us to give ourselves a hug. Haha

    2. me so happy about Sir Borsig’O. Finally my fave tanku :3

  2. ok so in HD is the:-
    Deathstar (aka FV215b (183)),
    WT auf Pz IV,
    GW Panther,
    GW E100,
    GW Tiger P,
    Dicker Max,
    AMX13 75,

    1. oh and the VK 20.01 D, M8A1 and another chinese heavy that I cant place a name to (not meaning to be racist but they do all look the same)

      1. 112? thats my bet.
        Locus Sir. the M7 med is already in HD.

      2. ahh yes my bad, i thought it didnt look quite right as an M7 thanks

      3. Since when do tanks have a race? Lol.

    2. T-34-1 most likely and 112 heavy tank OR 121 Tier 10 medium. the gun looks similar to 122 (440 ave dmg gun)

    3. The WZ-131 already is HD in game 😉

    4. T-34-2 is the first one

    5. Not the Wz-131, it’s the 121

  3. Brace means protect yourself, be ready
    Embrace means greeting someone at a train station, for example

    1. Thanks, fixing it 😛

  4. Kv-2, am I asking too much?

  5. Kv-2 , am I asking too much?

  6. E 75 HD? Looks sexy!

  7. still no fv 215b heavy and e50m

    1. I doubt that FV215b will ever be in HD as they want to replace it. However you can download nice HD skin for ir if you really want. Just search google for it.

  8. That’s a lot of them. E-75 and 113 FUCK YEA!

  9. still, there is no HD qualityf for t343, 112 (type 59, wz 111 has already in HD quality for a copule of months), no HD quality for fv215b, STB 1, bat chat…. 🙁

  10. Is that the 59-16?

  11. Thats the T-34-2.

    1. T-34-1,113 and 121

  12. Chinese T 34-1,113 and 121.

  13. No T-34-3?

  14. No KV2, no love darlin’ ;3

  15. 113, 121 and T-34-1 in HD in one patch? Looks like Chinese are finally catching up with HD models.

  16. soooo what sorta-major changes are making this 9.15.1?

  17. so sexy, plz panther 2 soon sexiest tank ingame

  18. Tracks on the Grosstraktor look sexy. Any information when 9.15.1 might get released?

  19. HD bert ftw.
    Now waiting for KV-2

  20. Didn’t they say a while ago, that GW E-100 is to be replaced?
    Weird to see it reworked, is that plan scrapped?

  21. E75 wont get a buff liek 183 did get, or 113. How in hell, they add armor to those tank, what WG did not add in SH true armor, or this is just fake one, that they add up right now. 183 get 90mm, more armor on side,and 70 on ass. So it should weight more, 113 same, 30 mm armor on side…

    E75 will have smaller gun shield, and same 120 plate on side, or worse. 250 mn flat will be there cuz fuck you….

    1. It’s armor is OP against tanks with 225 pen, even IS 3 still can pen ST-1 lower plate

      1. E75 frontal plate, if is not angled, it’s easy to be pen by 225 pen. IS 4 frontal armor cant be pen by 225 pen gun, cuz u can angle it very much. What the point ?

        Look how much they add armor on 113, from 240 to 290 turret front, 160 to 180 side, 30 mm more side armor hull armor….113 has better turret armor, then slow Type 5 and Mause or E100, it make no sense, cuz those tank have armor, over mobility….

        183, get 76 mm more side turret armor !!!!!!twice more on side and rear on hull, plus better upper and lower frontal plate, tell me, what German high tier HT or TD did get that kind of buff?!!! Front, turret, side and rear armor…non…only VK auf b, but only frontal….so…

        t57 HT buff is not that much, but still turret will bounce more, tier 8, and tier 9 some meds, and hull is better…

        Will E75 armor get same kind of buff? 183 was only wooden model, so…,u know, why they buff it so much….

  22. I came the second I saw the MT-25

  23. will the 113’s armour be that of the sandbox post ? or will it be as is now

  24. I’ve been waiting for HD M4A3E8.

  25. so will the HD models be the same as the ones you posted about the sandbox ones ? like the 113 armour buff ?

  26. When the ST-I goes HD I will be a happy turtle, but alas no HD ST-I this time.

  27. Damn this renders a lot of my dank skins broken u_u

  28. Damn this renders a lot of my dank tank skins broken u_u

  29. They nerfed the FV304 pretty bad… It’s way bigger now, armor and camo rating are nerfed 🙁

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