23 comments on “SD vs HD Sandbox Comparison

  1. psychopatton says:

    Time to buy back the 113 and elite the Conquer. Yay!

    • Sandbox -> not sure it will hit live server.

      And these new armor patterns fit WG’s new “roles” they talked about on portal, but until these roles are implemented they will definitely not come. Especialy FV.

  2. warlord_sk says:

    Again nice armor buffs for non-russian tanks. Where are russian bias now?! Are you still complaining? And… Can you compare new reworked HD models like M18, Maus, M103 and Tortoise?

    • pixywing says:

      This is the sandbox server and the Russian hovercraft mediums all got massive buffs while the leopard might as well be moved down 3 tiers so its playable.

  3. Yolo says:

    What about M103?

  4. flakeater says:

    …152mm of SIDE armor for the deathstar? i know its supposed to be the heavier vehicle of the pair but this is massive

  5. Lywellyn says:

    Why would the armor be different between SD and HD? These are both sandbox, right? Or is this SD on live client vs HD on sandbox? Wording is unclear.

    • pixywing says:

      When tanks are turned into HD the values are changed this affects both client versions. The wording isn’t unclear as this is how it has worked for the last 2+ years.

    • DeadArashi says:

      SD indicates the model currently on LIVE server while the HD model is what is currently on the Sandbox server. It’s not about the client side SD/HD options, it’s about the new tank model

    • Teknokraatti says:

      WG tends to correct or modify vehicles armour profiles when they are given the HD treatment. It can happen individually too, of course, but this has been the trend.

      • Ares says:

        183 was never build, so they made armor on this. 113 is same, if u have picture, show it. T57 get frontal armor buff, but nerf to side, so np.

        If u look on this, IS 7, IS 4, Maus, E100, Jpe100, did not get that massive buff, and I dont see reason to give 183 better frontal armor then Jpe100, cuz he has turret. Jpe100 is now just worse.

        113 effective frontal turret armor is way better then Maus and e100,type 5 or IS 4, still IS 7 turret is better, but look how fast 113 is….

  6. Lywellyn says:

    Yes, but this is for sandbox. Sandbox client comes in both SD and HD. In addition, Sandbox is global rebalance, so not an example of the standard upgrade to HD. All tanks, even previously HD tanks will get changes going to Sandbox. If this is differences between current love stats and Sandbox stats, that would be more clear. The HD part doesn’t matter when they are Sandbox stats.

  7. nocomment says:

    Did they accidently add a 1 to the front of the fv armour values ? Good God anyone would think that it was meant to be competative now as it actually has armour. They must have wrecked the other stats as its non Russian.

  8. Ares says:

    So, JP e100 look bad im compere to 183 armor in HD. But ofc, WG add fake armor to all tanks, that never where build, like Jpe100, e3, but Jp e100, is slow, has no turret, and will have worse armor….cuz 183 can side scrape, and jpe100 cont.

    Like, why Maus, E100 are well armored tanks, when turret of 113 is way better after HD. Maus is just joke, he has no armor, no gun, no mobility. Where did WG find this 290 turret armor for 113, or 152 mm side armor for 183 ? If FV 215 get same armor buff, WG need to nerf his gun, cuz this is his weakspot…

    Just Germans, slow “heavy” armored tank ,look like pile of shit, if we compere them to some of faster tier 10, with better effective frontal armor.

  9. outkastvertigo says:

    So basically fuck the remaining “historical accuracy”?

  10. buff 113 buff 113 buff 113 says:

    113 NEEDS that buff. at least the sideskirts angle buff

    • Ares says:

      Maus dont need one e? He can have shit turret from front, but 113, that never was build, can have 290 turret, from WG ass….

      113 did get buff. 183 buff was needed too? what a joke. They add so much armor, and wont add weight…

  11. WorldsDawn says:

    And no accurate lower-plate for you germans! And don’t forget to take your 80mm track weakspot on the way out! 😉

  12. Charcharo says:

    So… WG FINALLY fixes the 113… took them more than a year since I made the post…

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