Q&A from Mikhail Shotin and Alexey Ilyin (aka Inaki) on Wargaming.FM about Sandbox.



hope everyone had a good weekend! Q&A for you:

-The Developer teams have received the first impressions: the feedback was collected, reviewed and sent to the Dev’s department.
-”We won’t hurry things when we have an understanding that most players are happy, we will release it.”

-”There were 2 waves of Sandbox invitations, people, we have chosen ourselves and second, random players who have applied on the Portal. The main criteria are the ownership of tier 10s”
-”Yes, there are players in Sandbox who don’t have tier 10s, but only a very few.”
– Applications will be reviewed continuously.
– The second invite wave has already started.
– While there is no limit, but we must abide by a certain number of people on the server.
– Applications will be reviewed in a queue form.
In the future, we will change the criteria set .
-We don’t have in mind to kill or nerf a particular class, we want a general balance.
-Personal Missions are in a very early stage of balancing. there will be required changes.
– In addition, we will send questionnaires to participants Sandbox.
-On this server, we plan to test other features, not just balance.
-There is a 3 SPG limit on each team currently.
-LT-SPG situation won’t be changed for now but LTS will be getting huger spotting range.
We are now testing tier 10 but we will gradually move on to lower tiers.
-We want MTs to engage the enemy closer than 400+ meters, we want it to have its old role.
-Rebalance will affect the economy but only later.
-About the new “stun” sound/icon, it’s been getting negative feedback but all these new sounds and icons will still be worked on.
-Premium shells were disabled in Sandbox in order to collect feedback but any changes we introduce to the sandbox are considered as potentials.
– Those who have been invited will not be cast out.
-We don’t have an age requirement for testers.
-We are thinking about promoting the testers.
-We are currently experimenting with the “stun” icon/sound, it may change. The team is confident about it.

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  1. Auslander says:

    “-We are thinking about promoting the testers.” That the hell does that mean?

  2. neil says:

    i have played 10 games on tester so far and am enjoying the sandbox game more at the moment
    arty has been nerfed to hell but i think thats a good thing.

    • Shade01982 says:

      It didn’t feel that nerfed to me. The blast radius is bigger and I’ve still had some pretty high damage rolls (around 500+hp on direct hits…

      • 500+ dmg on direct hit is T92. You know, the thing that did twice as much before. And all arties have about 50 % chances of penetrating Grille15 btw, you know the thing with 30-20mm armor.

      • Shade01982 says:

        Yeah it was the T92, but also on the GW E100 (I only played those two, because those are the ones I can compare to). And it only did twice as much on a good damage roll with a good hit. You could very well do much worse on a bad day.

        My point was, for something that was supposedly ‘just a support role’ tank in the game, I was still surprised by the amount of damage I could do, combined with the increased blast radius and the amount of suppression.

  3. DeadArashi says:

    Liking the changes so far but I do have a few small qualms:

    Arty right now is actually pretty good. The de-buff needs work though
    -De-buff lasts too long
    -De-buff effects are too extreme
    The other thing is that when looking at shell stats in the garage it has 15m Blast Radius (For Conq GC and T92), the issue I have here is that that 15m is the concussion radius and not the damage radius. I think it would be wise to display both stats

    Hull and turret traverse:
    I understand they want to bring more diversity to the tanks roles to make them more specialized, and it’s been stated that they want HT to essentially be split between two groups (this is my understanding of the roles); Assault (IS-7, T110E5), Breakthrough (E100, Maus, Type 5) and Fire Support tanks (T57, AMX 50B). But as it stands there’s not real difference between Assault and Breakthrough other then armor and top speed as the T110E5 has the same mobility as the E100 and that doesn’t seem right.

    T110E3 DPM reduction with the 120mm gun:
    I like that they have given it the historical 120mm, I find it strange that it has such a low DPM (2,615 with vents/gun rammer) considering that of the 120mm on the T95 has 3,187 with the same equipment.

    • Arty pretty good.
      A tier 10 arty wont pen a Grille 15 half of the time. “pretty good”.

      The damage nerf was a good thing but combine it with the pen nerf and its too much. And the fact that both accuracy and reload didnt get buffed (even nerfed in the case of accuracy) means that even with 10m splash it didnt solve the problem of arty being completely useless for half of the battle. Basicaly what they did is “yeah everybody whines about you, so you’ll do no damages at all, but get thousands upon thousands of assist damage so you litteraly get rewarded for doing nothing while some tanks in your team gets nothing for being more useful”.
      I was in my E-100 and took 5 hits in a row for less than a total of 500 dmg… And the stun thing does nothing really, turret is slower but that’s all, I could still aim and reload correctly. Nah they killed the class.

      • DeadArashi says:

        Reload is most certainly effected. Increased reload time of Type 5 from 14sec to 24sec. I do agree that they shouldn’t have reduced the pen of the rounds, but I still manage to hit the side of a target directly and do full 900avg dmg with the 261.

        you only taking 500dmg is an armor thing, from what I can tell the changed just how effective armor is against HE shots compared to what’s on live server.

        I also don’t see how you got the comment “so you’ll do no damages at all” because I still manage to be in the top 1/3 of my team for damage dealt.

        I stand by my original opinion that art is pretty good

    • qwertypresser says:

      Mediums are also in a weird place. Some like the Russian ones are still as annoying as before. While others, like the Centurion Action X, are now painfully slow, for mediums. And when coupled with the changes to way guns work at longer ranges, means that they do not perform well in the new cruiser role, and also struggle in the support role.

      • DeadArashi says:

        @QWERTYPRESSER I agree with you, also strange that FV215b and Obj 263 haven’t received the standard changes that every other tank has and aren’t available on the Sandbox. FV215b actually has better turret/hull traverse then the Action X

      • Jack kenyon says:

        They’ve also ruined the paper armour fire support mediums (Leopard 1, AMX 30B, etc)
        They want mediums to fight at less than 400m, but they nerf almost everything about these tanks. They nerf mobility, damage, dpm, accuracy, dispersion, health, and penertration (massive falloff at range) but they give them no role. They are nothing, they cant fight at any range now, What were WG thinking?

    • Nya-chan Production says:

      “the issue I have here is that that 15m is the concussion radius and not the damage radius”

      15m is both concussion and damage radius. But damage gets absorbed by armour, concussion doesn’t.

    • S842 says:

      To exploit a breakthrough you need a tank that has some speed and assault would need armor and heavy firepower. So it seems to me you have the roles reversed – E5 and IS-7 have the speed to exploit a breakthrough.

      • atomicemu says:

        I think the main difference is that the breakthrough tanks have much higher HP and stronger side armour. They are to attract and withstand enemy fire, while other tanks get close.

    • RagnarokBazil says:

      Well want arty to have more pen or want the debuff to stay the same :p

    • Obviously says:

      T95 is slow….duh.
      Hello, tanks aint just guns!

  4. Kiblyk says:

    Rita – slow and boring as possible.

  5. qqq says:

    “-We want MTs to engage the enemy closer than 400+ meters, we want it to have its old role.”
    Oh so that’s why they nerfed their mobility to the ground (except the mighty soviets of course).

    Yes, I know it’s a test server and it will probably change.

  6. “We don’t have in mind to kill or nerf a particular class, we want a general balance.”
    Quite the contrary was felt during this first test.

    “LT-SPG situation won’t be changed for now but LTS will be getting huger spotting range.”
    Their current situation on live server or on sandbox ? If they dont wanna change their sandbox situation they’re already going against their first affirmation.

    “Premium shells were disabled in Sandbox in order to collect feedback but any changes we introduce to the sandbox are considered as potentials.”
    This is a lie. Or unless they changed 183mm AP shell to do 1700dmg. That looks like the NDA is a way for them to lie and stay covered…

  7. vepsilon says:

    So, for those of us who aren’t invited, how much of an effect does the arty stun have? How long for, and what do your mobility, accuracy, DPM, etc. drop to?

    • DeadArashi says:

      This video I uploaded shows how the stun works when I get shot by an Obj 261, Conqueror GC and T92. Note the reload increase (until I get damaged ammo rack) you might also notice reduction in speed and traverse time

    • qwertypresser says:

      I haven’t come across any solid numbers yet, but for a near miss it is like all your crew members get a debuff that makes them perform as if they have been killed, and it can last as long as 30 to 35 seconds. At nearer to maximum range for the concussion effects, the debuff is not as harsh and does not last as long, closer to 10 to 15 seconds. But trust me, when you are being focus by multiple arties at once, the debuff is painful as hell.

  8. CLAYM0RE says:

    “There is a 3 SPG limit on each team currently” complete lie i just had a match with 4 SPGs on each team and i have the replay, but the server is on NDA so i cant share it

    • Nya-chan Production says:

      No limit in MM is hard. Considering you played at 1156, the battle wait was probably too long and this rule got dropped so you could get to battle.

  9. Anonymous says:

    So whats stopping people getting on fast ROF artillery to spam debuffs, yes you FV

  10. Mrigank Jha says:

    They want mediums to engage in closer combat ranges. Got it, so armor less snipers like the Leo and Amx get nerfed into the fucking ground with speed and aiming nerfs, and soviet mediums get no nerfs to anything major. Perfect for close quarters combat. These fucking slavic devs i tell ya

    • Jack kenyon says:

      They need to split the mediums like they split the heavies. Have inaccurate brawling mediums (Russians) and give the paper mediums their old mobility, even better accuracy (as they ruined the shell dispersion) and remove the fucking stupid damage falloff that means they cant pen anything beyond 200m, that’s just a stupid idea. Call the new sub set “hunter killers” or something. Leopard 1 was my first tier X and I hate the way WG always shits on it. What was that about nerfing its speed to 45? It goes 65+ in real life! Why would you even consider nerfing the speed to 45?

  11. vladceltroll says:

    -The main criteria are the ownership of tier 10s

    So you allow only players with tier 10? Wow, such logic WG, such f***ing logic.
    And about the few that don’t have tier 10… I don’t trust you until you post their names. Otherwise, to me you’re lying as obvious as Pinnocchio.

  12. Nice, I hope they take their time implementing this

  13. Admiral_Mikan says:

    Okay. Leopard 1 is done for. Thanks WG for ruining my first MT ever.

    • whitesample says:

      Same… Leopard 1 was my first tier X tank…
      The artillery nerf was enought… but… the nerf to paper tanks… NO… ,_,

      And the fact that russian tanks get more dpm its depressing…

    • Alex Knight says:

      Here’s hoping that those numbers were just to frighten the people. The only thing that tank has going for itself is the mobility, take it away, and they may as well dump it to tier 8 :/ Meanwhile in Russia… ” What about the USSR mediums comrade ? All fine Igor, all fine, no nerf, no nerf! “

      • Anonymous says:

        Even better, they nerfed the 75mm L/70 on the Panther 2.

        “135 damage too high for tier 5 to 7. Must screw over Germa- I mean, balance game. Why you looking at glorious 122mm funny? 390 damage is perfect balance!

  14. hstanley says:

    Ridiculous that a player who have 8 tier 10s like me, don’t get chance to take a part in Sandbox. Fapfap WG!!!

  15. hstanley says:

    That is the funfact, cause I have a lot of tier 10s and no accept. So sad.

  16. Rombat says:

    “Rebalance will efect economy only later” my ass…the whole point of nerfing penetration for the sake of armour has the only purpouse to force us to by premium acount and credits for real money. For each penetrated hit you earn credits. If we can,t pen we won,t earn credits. Many people will shoot only premium ammo because of normal ammo pen nerf.
    Wg noboody asks for such a thing…people ask for doing something with arty.

  17. Rombat says:

    View range nerf will cut our credits also…you wount spot you wont make credits and all players will depend for victory by suicide scouts…good job wg

  18. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    This is only a test, but if the release version is anything like the test version I will quit the game. Being XVM focused by arty because I am a unicum and being perma-ammoracked as well as more bullshit RNG is reason enough to quit. This is the opposite direction you need to go if you want this game to be competitive, Gold league will be filled with a bunch of teals because all of the unicums will quit and the “so called perma-blue shitters” will take their place and the game will be shit.

  19. RustyRoger says:

    -”There were 2 waves of Sandbox invitations, people, we have chosen ourselves and second, random players who have applied on the Portal. The main criteria are the ownership of tier 10s”

    That confuses me. I have over half of the possible tier 10s, play regularly in all gamemodes, yet was not selected for sandbox.

    #Feelsbadman #TheSaltisReal

    • Anonymous says:

      There must be tens of thousands of players with tier 10 tanks, only a tiny fraction will get access to the Sandbox.

  20. stormcrow99 says:

    “The main criteria are the ownership of tier 10s” WHAT?
    Have you seen what kind of morons have tier 10s and what kind of talent does not?? This is complete and utter bullshit.
    “everyone by default has to have tier 10s” VITUN SNICKERS. EIHÄN NÄITÄ VOI EDES SSSYÖDÄ.

  21. Shrek says:

    They have completely ruined the Leopard 1 and AMX 30. No armor , shit speed, bad dpm, bad pen at range. And meanwhile soviet mediums rush around like spaceships at close range DPMing everyone to death. if this change is implemented, no more WoT for me. A leopard 1 at 45 km/hr and no sniping capability. WG slavs drunk on vodka

  22. Will they also test a new spotting system! Since the update the spotting is incredibly illogical (worst than before).

  23. SC says:

    So WG is forcing player to do even more close range combat? Isn’t it enough to force players to fight in canyons? Not a good think I expect.

  24. Garrett says:

    Priority one should be nerfing all Russian tanks, across all lines. The fact that the Russian tanks all seem to still be OP is a major major problem.

  25. Justin says:

    Rita I have a video that you would love. https://www.facebook.com/new.jff/videos/542199435959633/
    It is a squirrel attacking a whole bunch of army personnel. They sound German, but I guess it could be Russian. It is a facebook video so I don’t know if you can post it or not.

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