Supertest: Somua SM Full Statistics, Screenshots, Video.


*Updated, full stats were leaked and also added extra screenshots and video*



This French Vehicle, Premium tier 8 HT Autoloader Somua SM just appeared in SuperTest:


Tier: 8
Hitpoints: 1400
Engine: 960 hp
Weight: 56 000
Power-to-weight: 17.14 hp/t
Maximum speed: 50/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 32 deg/s
Turret traverse: 33.4 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1.151/1.247/2.014
View range: 350
Radio range: 594.4
Hull armor: 120/30/?
Turret armor: 70/60/?

Gun: 100 mm SA47

Drum: 6 shells (autoloader)
Damage: 300/300/400
Penetration: 232/263/50
DPM: 1 783.5
ROF: 5.945
Reload: 41.806s full / 3.75s between shells
Accuracy: 0.364

Aiming Time: 2.11

Depression: -10/ +15


Armor and Model:


Extra in-Game screenshots:

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Somua SM – French hightier vehicle


107 comments on “Supertest: Somua SM Full Statistics, Screenshots, Video.

  1. Synvy says:

    Auto loading Premium?
    Brace yourself, one clipper is coming in hot.

  2. flukey says:

    3.75s between shells? Haha what’s the point? Don’t buy this crap

  3. Alex says:

    ok.what’s the difference between this and AMX 50 100?

    • BattleBudgie says:

      Longer delay between shots, faster magazine reload, slightly stronger armor. That’s about it.

      • Someone says:

        If the delay between shots is 1.12s longer per shell – 6.7s in total, you do realize that overall the magazine reload + total salvo firing time is almost equal for both this and AMX 50 100. So no, faster magazine reload is not a + here.

        It’s simply a slightly inferior AMX 50 100, nothing more, nothing less, which isn’t bad at all.

      • BattleBudgie says:

        I just listed the facts, didn’t say anything about + or -.

    • apache1990 says:

      This has -10 depression, vs. the -6 of the 50 100.

    • Anonymous says:

      amx 50 100 is not blind. This thing has 350 view range XD

      • GrimmReaperBG says:

        When it hits live version the AMX 50 100 will have thesame view. Check Sandbox stats, that’s the Rubicoon idiocity in extension.

  4. Gál Rolland says:

    My guess is the weight will be around 24.7 tonnes 🙂

  5. CLAYM0RE says:

    another premium garbage, i think its safe to say WG will never learn

    • Shade01982 says:

      Their last new premium (the VK) is really not that bad. Neither was the new premium before that…

    • Darksteel_ plating_46 says:

      im coming from the future, and i have to tell you that they listened to you! they are putting in OP premiums like the m4 49. brace yourself, prepare your anus!

      • CLAYM0RE says:

        Actually no I won’t prepare anything cuz I have not been playing the game for 2 years, not coming back ever but I just like seeing you guys taking it up the anus, keep it up

  6. Patata Caliente says:

    More autoloaders, please. That’s exactly what this game needs.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Prob the FCM replacement.

    • Roland says:

      I used to love my FCM, but these days it’s became unplayable, its accuracy and gun handling is awful…

      • Nafre says:

        I prefer it as a rammer. Epic with controlled impact and spall liner. You do so much damage it’s not even funny. I did 800 to a cdc for about 100 in turn lol

  8. Anonymous says:

    what an odd viewrange. Its rare to see something ending with 5 but this … 🙂
    Prem autoloader is funny idea – is it first one? (Im not sure about “recent” LTs). I would expect that might learn more ppl to use hit&run tactic but more realisticaly I can imagine 45%WR noobs running wildly at 50km/h into the group of enemies dying rapidly and spamming minimap … on the second thought – Im looking forward to it 😀

  9. wfschepel says:

    The end of the 50t is near as a regularly available premium. Wonder what they will come up with as a replacement for the IS-6.

  10. Deano says:

    well this doesnt make much sense this thing must weight 25 tons to make the power to weight ratio here and the 50 100 is double that

    • wheeledtank says:

      The math I did makes it about 24.7t That is an extremely light heavy. Surprised it isn’t just considered a medium

      • Jagdwerwolf says:

        Pretty sure it was intended to be a medium.
        IIRC, tier 7 before the CDC originally.

      • Jagdwerwolf says:

        Nevermind. Was thinking of a different tank.
        Its just incorrect info, should be 35-50 tons with an 800-ish HP engine

  11. Funny Farmer says:

    Good that the view range isn’t 360, that would be OP.

  12. Yes, let’s tick both user and opponent off with an autoloader that you can simply pay for, that’s a good idea. 😛

    On a serious note, though, this actually isn’t bad at all. Gives people a proper chance of testing how the late-game French auto-loaders would suit them…or auto-loaders in general for that matter.

    • gpc_4 says:

      No, it is bad. The time between shells is almost 4 seconds, firing your clip will take forever. The long time between shells is what makes the 50 120 much worse (for its tier) then the 50 100 and 50B.

      • wheeledtank says:

        I don’t think Brett was talking about the tank.

        That being said, the T1 Cunningham and T2 Medium still have the 37mm Semi-auto guns, and all of the Cruisers have semi-auto 2pdr guns, so people could use them to get an idea. Sure they are tiers I and II respectively (except the Cruisers), but it still can give a general idea on how a high-tier french vehicle works, especially with the Cruiser III, IV, and Covenantor (with the Pom-Pom or Bofors)

      • Enigmaticmuffin says:

        The 50 120 is arguably better than the 50B and 50 100 when at its own tier. It can punish tier 7s and 8s and just generally be played like a bully

  13. That’s an AMX50 100.

    The only difference they added to justify it being a different vehicle is 1s longer in-clip reload…

    Dont they have other things to work on instead of more cashgrab copypaste tanks ? Like the global rebalance to actualy balance things ?

    • gpc_4 says:

      The time between shells is very long and will make this vehicle annoying to play.

      • Synvy (Tea) says:

        Now think of the traverse speed, even more annoying. Not touching 30deg/s on medium terrain 😀

    • thesherbet says:

      most of the work for new tanks is going to be for the artists and researchers. Pretty sure they arent doing a whole lot on the rebalance side of things…
      A company is more than one person guys

      • sujmaster says:

        I love it when people criticise wargaming for making good promotional videos, like “YOUR VIDEO EDITORS SHOULD BE WORKING ON GLOBAL REBALANCE”

    • Sujmaster please where did I talk about their videi editors ?
      I posted this comment when the video wasnt on the article yet, and the tank model/stats/balance were not made by a video editor you dumbass, it’s not one guy who did that it’s a choice from WG…

  14. Rolkatsuki says:

    its gunna earn the title of Derpmua SM once it hits the store

  15. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Let me guess. There is plethora of historical information about this tank – requirements, proposals, drawings, photos of test vehicles? Because Wargaming stopped adding fictional tanks. Oh, wait…

    • Harverato says:

      Actually, there ARE photos of the first prototype, but at the time SS wrote an articles about ir in FTR, he didn’t know muchos about the armor thickness. And, considering that Rita herself put the link ho that very articles right here… You just madre a fool of yourself, methinks.

      • OrigamiChik3n says:

        Well i’ll be damned. The one time they’re actually planning to implement something that existed in RL i had to derp like that. Well… At least it made you happy, mate, methinks 🙂

  16. Brandon Chadney says:

    What ever happened to the other French Premium heavy tank they were going to put in? I want to see that before this one.

  17. Xavier says:

    Looks kinda like a Panther with Pz III suspension and a frenchie turret

  18. Treadhead1 says:

    Ooooooh. It looks like a cross between a panther and an amx 50 100. Oh god emperor I want this! However I wonder how well the loading will go with the increased shell and decreased magazine reload speed. Pretty mixed feelings but It looks fething amazing.

  19. a 50 100 with shitty intra clip reload, great.

  20. thezebrok says:

    well fuck. a prem 50 100 with 2.2 aim time. fuck me somua fuck me i love your juicy french autoloaer mmmm 😉

  21. Anonymous says:

    just the amx 50 100

  22. Landser says:

    Step 1: Remove Lorraine 40t from tech tree
    Step 2: Make tier 8 HT
    Step 3: Make premium
    Step 4: ?????
    Step 5: Profit $$$$$

  23. Airstrike15 says:

    oh look, finally a balanced autoloader and everyone else here is crying about how bad it is 😀

    the long reload between shots in the clip gives you, when facing a Somua SM, more chances to survive instead of getting off 1 maybe 2 shots before he clips you to death with a potential 1800 damage per clip

    • wheeledtank says:

      You’ll still get 2 or 3 shots off compared to most 105mm guns of its tier. Sure it isn’t the 4-5 of the AMX 50 100mm, but that is still 700-800 damage out sooner than the opponent.
      Depending on the dispersion stats of the gun, it might be a pretty decent semi-auto sniper

    • I’d be complaining more about all the 1k battle noobs who’ll buy this tank as a hightier premium because it’s fast and has an autoloader and it’s too hard for them to get past tier 3.

      At least when they’re in lowe they may bounce some shells and survive a few minutes.

  24. ndiver says:

    Another French tank removed from the tree to make immediate money … Why are we not surprised …

  25. zombietropa says:

    This in some aspects is a lot better a crew trainer than either the FCM of the M4 49. You don’t have to waste time training a surplus loader, unless you’re haven’t ground your way to the AMX 50 yet.

    Stats wise, it’s kinda meh. Can turn its hull and turret quicker then the 50, overall time to empty and load its clip is about the same. LONG. It’s lighter tho (so you’re cant go around ramming bolsigs 🙁 ), and its BHP/ton is better. Have to wait on its terrain resistances tho. Overall, it trades burst dmg for speed and maneuverability.

    Will I pick it up? dont think I will, even tho I love me French auto loaders, the main thing is the burst dmg, and having to wait around for 6 secs to dump the clip isn’t really worth the slight bump in maneuverability for me. IMHO, yours maybe different

    • zombietropa says:

      Okay, nvr mind, the stats are nearly identical, part from reloads. Just stick with the AMX 50.

      PS, another Rita derp moment, you’ve only gone and posted the Swedish T6 med armour profile (similar turret profile to be fair tho)

      Rita, pls never change

  26. Anonymous says:

    That armour model and the pictures under it are totally different to the tanks actually shown in the in-game screenshots.

    Just look at the front hull corner.

  27. baileyhun says:

    So no armor = high explosive time

  28. Rita you published the armor model of the sweedish tank. Notice the front of the tank isnt all flat like the Somua, and the turret is much taller than on the Somua aswell.

  29. anodjl says:

    les images en couleurs thermique qui affichent son armure,
    c’est celles du char Strv m/42-57 A.3, pas celle du Somua SM

  30. vladceltroll says:

    Rita, you dissappoint me! X(
    You posted the wrong armour model and statistics.
    Is this a brainfart too? 🙂

  31. Süleyman says:

    Lego Tank

  32. x says:

    A premium t8 autoloader for the retarded masses… Seems like high tiers are not ruined enough…

  33. Darkom1973 says:

    “weight: 56 000” hmm 56 000 tons: xD

  34. vepsilon says:

    But why? It’s a shit 50 100. Wasn’t that armoured French heavy coming out If we get that as a French heavy trainer, what’s the point in this thing? Sure, it’ll need a loader which the autoloaders don’t have, but neither does the FCM and the replacement is pretty much designed to take over from that, due to the FCM having prem mm and getting removed. The delay between shots kills this thing, I’d rather pull a loader out my ass and grab the super heavy baguette than buy this thing

  35. I thought this tank was designed as a medium, it’s been years since this tank started to be talked/requested to WoT and was always mentioned as a medium, why call it a heavy now?

  36. anodjl says:

    Le Somua SM est un char plus ancien de le AMX 50 100, c’est un prédécesseur au AMX 50 100,
    et sur WOT il est aussi précis, il recharge plus vite et vise bien mieux (3s contre 2,2s)

    WG a encore envie de saboter les branches de chars standards français
    oui, le Somua SM était prévu en tier VII standard à l’origine
    et les stats qu’il affiche n’ont rien n’a voir avec le Somua SM de 2012
    et n’ont rien n’a voir avec le vrai Somua SM

    ils ont mis le AMX CDC en premium alors qu’il était prévu en standard,
    résultat ya pas de tier VI-VII-VIII moyen standard quand ils ont ajouté la branche,

    ils ont mis le M4A1 revalorisé en premium
    résultat la branche de char moyen US/FR est bloqué car il est le tier VIII de cette branche

    ils ont mis le AMX M4 1948 en premium
    résultat la branche de char lourd AMX M4 entièrement développé en 2012 mais pas ajouté en jeu (le Tier X avait meme fait partie de videos promotionnelles) est bloqué
    car il est le tier VIII de cette branche

    WG visiblement n’en a ouvertement rien n’a faire des chars francais
    et continue encore et toujours a démolir l’arbre francais

    sérieux si WG aurait au moins écouté les joueurs du Forum FR qui proposent des chars pour l’arbre français(pour rien visiblement)
    l’arbre français ne serait pas aussi mal foutu

    The Somua SM is an older tank AMX 50 100, it is a predecessor to the AMX 50 100,
    WOT and it is also accurate, it recharge faster and is much better (3s against 2.2 s)

     WG still want to sabotage the branches of french standard tanks
    yes, the Somua SM was planned in tier VII standard originally
    and it displays the stats have nothing do with Somua SM 2012
    and have nothing do with the real Somua SM

    they put the AMX CDC premium while expected standard,
    result is no tier VI-VII-VIII standard way when they added the branch,

    they put the M4A1 upgraded to premium
    result the medium tank branch US / FR is blocked because it is the tier VIII of this branch

    they put the AMX M4 1948 premium
    result of fully developed branch heavy tank AMX M4 in 2012 but not added into play (Tier X had even been part of promotional videos) is blocked
    because it is the tier VIII of this branch

    WG obviously did nothing openly make french tanks
    and continues still and always demolish the french tree

    if serious WG would have at least listened to the players EN Forum which offer tanks for french tree (for nothing visibly)
    the french tree would not be as lousy

    • Ghostguy says:

      pour te répondre rapidement, ca s’appelle WG Russian BIA xD, ils l’ont fait pour toutes les lignes sauf sovietiques, donc ouais c’est un peu du sabotage mais que peut-on y faire?

  37. Ghostguy says:

    so if i understood correctly, this might be the 50t replacement right?, what about IS-6 and Sup. Pershing???

  38. Anonymous says:

    can any one guess where this quote came from: ” the spam of premium tanks is over”…….or something like: ” we plan to add only 1 or 2 premium tanks this year” ……if you guess right you get a cookie 🙂

  39. Ultrasonic2 says:

    don’t get your hopes up this is clearly OP .. has some armour is fast and has and auto loader… incoming nerf hammer

    • Except not really; the armour cannot really bounce, the autoloader has a nearly 4 second reload each shot fired in the magazine, and speed is not the meta of the game currently. Plus, it’s super test, so…incoming buff hammer.

      • “Speed not the meta of the game currently”…

        Sandbox isnt live yet, WoT 9.15 clearly gives advantage to tanks that have a better firepower and mobility over the armored ones who just get pwned by gold ammo and guns with too much pen. Fast paper tanks > slow bunkers. Do you even play the game ?

  40. Patata Caliente says:

    Guess it is a decent tank, but I am not going to spend any more money on this game. It is no longer worth it.

  41. Mark rodgers says:

    Be nice to see some Israeli tanks or modern tanks.. Chieftain.. Abrahams etc

  42. HT tier 8 which only has 1400 HP?? oh my god…. 🙁

    panther 88 have 1500 HP…. 🙁

    m46 KR have 1450 HP…. 🙁

  43. smegger213 says:

    Really crap view range and signal range.

  44. Stephan says:

    I dont really need and want a AM 50-100 carbon copy as a French premium. Work on the AMX M$ 49 first before putting another vehicle in supertest -_-
    Would be great if this thing is sold first ahead of the M4 49 which has been on supertest for quite a while.

  45. joseph says:

    the weight will be around 24.7 tonnes

  46. Migsaec says:

    120mm sloped back on the front. The armor seem like it could be decent as opposed to being terrible for a heavy like the other french heavies.

  47. Daniel says:

    Its literally a 50 100 with a shit gun, not saying the 50 100’s gun was good though.

  48. atterdag says:

    Interesting. The clip reload is a little slow compared to the 50 100, but on the other hand the aim time is significantly better. But I don’t know if it will be good enough to replace my 50 100 in CW, and HW, because of slow clip reload.

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