22 comments on “AMX 65 T In-game Footage

  1. seattleforge says:

    Ugh.. would it mean having to grind the AMX M4 1945 again?

  2. vladceltroll says:

    Damn, this thing is butt-ugly 😛

  3. Anonymous says:

    should totally do an article on that new console update.. what with sandstorms, blizzards, and a reworked dragons ridge

  4. Dictator says:

    For a country known for its beauty, France makes such butt-ugly tanks! This thing makes the Großtraktor look pretty!

  5. This is an ugly mix of Tiger II and IS7

  6. ThisisGunnaHurt says:

    Time to get some free xp ready

  7. Zoroaster says:

    From where will it start in the techtree? The M4 1945?

  8. Anonymous says:

    that tank is so beautiful !!!! why you’re calling it ugly ;)?

  9. Inb4 new tier 10 has the entire Type5 as its turret

  10. Patata Caliente says:

    Oh my, a cooking pot on tracks.

  11. kinch07 @EU says:

    I feel dis blog is basically dead. Anyone?

  12. nano852 says:

    i thought stock arl 44 was ugly, then i saw this

  13. Anonymous says:

    HD FAke tanks That are far from HD. WOT is so retarded

  14. FuZero says:

    Much InGame, such action!

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