Back from Weekend…



sometimes you just need to vanish and catch some fresh air for a few days, a friend, TankNutDave, “rescued” me from the house and this is how I’ve spent my weekend:

This video was uploaded by Tim Hawkes, the same lad that I posted videos of recently.

Also drove a 2S1 Gvozdika and fell asleep on top of a FV432 basking like a lizard.

Sunburned…knackered…but needed this. 🙂

WoT August’s calendar



back from the weekend, this is August’s calendar for WoT:


With Calendar Without Calendar

Update 9.15.1 Feedback thread: EU/NA



The EU and NA servers have made threads available on their forums for you to type your opinions in so they can gather feedback.

I’ve played 9.15.1 and honestly, I’m not very satisfied. The game feels almost like the graphical settings reversed into 8.0 patches, especially when it comes to the mini-maps. I’m usually okay with changes but the game right now looks washed out, it doesn’t feel right at all.

Also, mini-map dimensions are really retarded right now.

Note: I did checked the SEA forum but they still only have the old feedback gathering for previous patch.

Wicksteed at War 2016


TLDR: Got video in a Walker Bulldog and Photo Album with tanks and had the best time ever since I sat foot in the UK! 15/10 recommending everyone to attend Wicksteed at War next year!


I’ve waited until now to share this with you. The first footage of the first event I attended this year is finally coming out. Check me out being driven in a Walker Bulldog with TankNutDave:


A few months ago, Ed Francis from The Tank Museum worked as a liaison and  I got to meet TankNutDave at a British military installation that we all visited.

For those unaware TankNutDave works for Obsidian and is also involved in publicity stunts, military vehicle projects and teaches civilians and MoD how to drive tanks and is one of the organisers of one of the biggest British annual tank shows.

At the military installation, seems like he liked me enough and invited me to attend Wicksteed at War, an event in which he was one of the organisers.

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9.15.1 Official Patchnotes



These are the official 9.15.1 patchnotes, quote:


“Introduction of ActionScript 3

We are moving to Action Script 3. This is good for the game because it will open up more ways for user interface performance optimization in the future releases, as well as make the workflow for mod creators consistent. However, in the short term, this change can have an impact on the modding community, as the creators will need to update their mods to work with Action Script 3. We have worked with the modmakers to check compatibility for the biggest and most popular mods and have been able to verify 9.15.1 compatibility with a number of them. For more information, please refer to our dedicated article

Important: If you experience any technical problems with this update while playing with any mods installed, please uninstall those mods and try playing the game clean. Please remember that Wargaming is not responsible for any compatibility issues stemming from using third party modifications. In case of problems with the mods, pleasecontact the author of the mod in question.  While we love our mod community, our Customer Service cannot provide support for third-party add-ons. Continue reading

Motive of my absence


TLDR: I’ve got a lot on my plate atm. Getting some things done.


I apologise for my absence. I’ve been getting a lot on my plate these last few days, my cat’s wound is already finishing closing but I’ve been dealing with loss and out and about taking care of documentation like provisional driving license and searching for a car to buy.  These are things that need to be done, right now, for example, British public transports are costing me more money than a thirsty car and besides they are quite unreliable, unpunctual and just with too many messy connections.

I want to go back to studies (Military history) and also take my class H driving license (tracked vehicles) but all these things are slightly far away. I want to keep on living at this place but the school options I have are all +1 hour away plus the class H license will be all the way near London. This summer, when I started going to all these events I’ve meet really nice people that I also would like to keep a friendship with but they are all away up north, I want to be able to just drive to them to hang out, I live in a military area and you rarely get to see the same face twice around here, so things can get pretty isolated and I’m tired of piggybacking on friends every time I need to be anywhere as well.

Working on becoming a full “strong independent sassy women”.

Anyway, on the car, I usually keep things like this away from the blog but most of you are guys so hear ye. Let me know your opinion/suggestions. Continue reading

“A Very Fond Farewell”



Brynd, WG EU Community Manager gave the following message:


“Hi everyone!

TLDR: I’m off! Good luck for the future. :)


I’m “Brynd” aka Ash and I’ve been English CM for WG EU since 2013, the second English CM after Supercharge. I realise this is itself a revelation to those who won’t recognise me as I’ve focused on a lot more behind-the-forum scene tasks (we have a lot!), contributor interaction (the contributors know me much better as I invited some of them to the program and needed to deal with them all closely, regularly), contributor stream chats, social media, and over the last year especially, team management and recruitment.  Continue reading