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Ranzar: Grandpa Revenge


latest Ranzar, Grandpa Revenge:


15 thoughts on “Ranzar: Grandpa Revenge

  1. US tank as terrorist, nice XD

    1. -.- im shocked that the video was not taken down..

  2. haha Allah USA terrorists Tank

  3. ms-1 should be the grandpa of the kv1, since it was created much earlier =P

  4. Al-Qaeda FSA ISIS United States created We all know that the.

  5. How fucking disgusting, they have got the balls to joke about terrorism?!?

  6. Finally understand why the British want to leave the EU

  7. so what we see actually is a BFG (big friendly grandpa)

  8. story taken from movie: COMMANDO

  9. Typical Russian maskirovka. Reminds me of Red Storm Rising false flag: Sacrifice the little ones to get casus belli…

  10. seems like a little racist to me.

  11. Granpa KV1 removing kebabs… i approve

  12. Jean Cocteau – French filmmaker, actor, visual artist, novelist, & poet (this guy could do everything!),was an opium addict (smoker) most of his life. His book “Opium” is about his own addiction.

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