Supertest: Swedish L-60



a new Swedish vehicle as arrived in Supertest, the L-60, these are the stats available for far:


Tier: 2
Hitpoints: 180
Engine: ???
Weight: ???
Power-to-weight: ??? hp/t
Maximum speed: 45/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 45 deg/s
Turret traverse: 44 deg/s
Terrain resistance: ?/?/?
Viewrange: 280
Radio range: ?
Hull armor: ?/?/?
Turret armor: ?/?/?

Gun: ??? 20 shells (autoloader)
Damage: 12/?/?
Penetration: 27/?/?
Reload: 5 s
Accuracy: 0.48

Aimspeed: 1.8

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Thanks to Ctacello for helping. 🙂

12 comments on “Supertest: Swedish L-60

  1. royshein says:

    isn’t that just the Russian T-60 which is sh*t?

  2. TheSpearman says:

    That particular L-60 is actually an Irish one, one of two bought from Sweden in the 30’s. It’s on display in the National Museum of Ireland in Collins Barracks, Dublin. Entry is free if anyone wants to see it.

  3. gjtjuh7 says:

    Shitty tier 2 gift tank incoming!

  4. Xavier says:

    I’ve always liked the look of the L-60, unfortunately it will be quickly forgotted as are all tier 1-4 tanks

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