Supertest: T92 Light Tank



an oldie, the US T92 LT has made its way into Supertest server, last time we had heard about this vehicle was a year ago with Storm saying that wasn’t planned for 2015. These are the T92 LT stats:


Tier: 7
Hitpoints: 840
Engine: ???
Weight: ???
Power-to-weight: ??? hp/t
Maximum speed: 60/25 km/h
Hull traverse: 70 deg/s
Turret traverse: 50 deg/s
Terrain resistance: ?/?/?
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: ?
Hull armor: ?/?/?
Turret armor: ?/?/?

Gun: ???
Damage: 150/?/?
Penetration: 175/?/?
ROF: 10.261
Reload: 4.5 s
Accuracy: 0.42

Aimspeed: 1.9

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Thanks to Ctacello for helping. 🙂

18 comments on “Supertest: T92 Light Tank

  1. royshein says:

    the thing is in WT… played it on WT, and I think it will be much better in WoT…

  2. GetFoched says:

    70 degrees a second hull traverse ? Touching the “A” and “D” key be like

  3. Swatdennis says:

    Yay! tier 8 ELC AMX!

  4. mredweird says:

    It’s pretty underwhelming in AW as I understand it.
    But then again, so is the Bulldog.

    • Renarde Martel says:

      I have it in AW and it’s just so weirdly sluggish. The gun isn’t stellar either, but at least it’s decent

  5. tango35 says:

    The accuracy sucks!!!

  6. Enigmaticmuffin says:


  7. FuZero says:

    175 PENE??? LOL

  8. MM says:

    Will Bulldog move to higher tier?? Light getting more HP on Sandbox, maybe Bulldog moving to tier 8.

  9. TDMillard says:

    I love this tank, hopefully WG does a good job with it

  10. What is interesting is the machine gun to the left is a 50 caliber and the machine gun to the far right side is a 30 caliber machine gun. But where will this fit into wot? It has the same 76mm as the Walker Bulldog because it was intended to replace it? Will it be a premium?

  11. wolvenworks says:

    waitaminute….this one’s already in AW

  12. The Armored Warfare T92 is a Tier 2 Premium and cost 650 gold.

    Stats are:

    Hitpoints: 840
    Engine: AOI-628-1 Engine
    Maximum speed: 60/25 km/h
    Hull traverse: 33.5 deg/s
    Turret traverse: 47.93 deg/s
    Viewrange: 441.5 m
    Hull armor: 13/19/10 mm
    Turret armor: 32/19/19 mm

    Gun: 76 mm T185E1 Cannon
    Damage: 198 only Heat Dhells
    Penetration: 129 mm
    DPM: 2270
    Reload: 5.22 s
    Accuracy Spread : 0.12 degreees

    Hope this information is informative.

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