Supertest: L-60 Full Stats



the upcoming Swedish L-60 just got his full stats released as well, thanks to Ctacello for helping out!



Tier: 2
Hitpoints: 180
Engine: 160
Weight: 6600
Power-to-weight: 24.24 hp/t
Maximum speed: 45/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 45 deg/s
Turret traverse: 45.9 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0.959/1.295/1.87
Viewrange: 280
Radio range: 290
Hull armor: 13/13/?
Turret armor: 13/13/?

Gun: 20 mm (20 shells autoloader)
Damage: 12/12/16
Penetration: 27/38/10
DPM: 1788.5
ROF: 149.038 (0.171 in autoloader)
Reload: 4.795 s
Accuracy: 0.46

Aimspeed: 1.73

Armor and Model:



In-Game Screenshots:

17 comments on “Supertest: L-60 Full Stats

  1. royshein says:

    dat tracks quality though

  2. lafie says:

    Seems decent enough, if hardly the most spectacular tier 2 tank.

  3. Wallu25 says:

    Is there a typo on tier or hit points? Tier 8 and 180 hitpoints seems odd

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please say it ain’t so? Tier 8? 180 health?

  5. That’s like an actualy mobile T-60… And I love T-60.

    “tier 8” however he wont go far

  6. Niko Juvonen says:

    Tier 8?

  7. ErrorCreator says:

    “Weight 6600” tons? 😛 would make it by far the best rammer, but I guess you mean kg.

  8. royshein says:

    it has worse pen than the PZ 2 J

    • MrTumnus says:

      Well its a tier lower than pz. II J

    • ErrorCreator says:

      Pz. II J has 23mm pen, last I checked 27 is more than 23, also this is tier 2, not tier 3.

    • wheeledtank says:

      27mm > 23mm. Also, I want to say this is a researchable vehicle, so that is probably the stock gun

      • Kirrim says:

        Well you could make the argument that the ever popular 1c only has 4mm more and is probobaly the most popular tier 3(aka one tier higher)And looking at the 20 shells with 12 average dmg it will one clip some t3’s on a good day.

      • wheeledtank says:

        The 7.92mm MG is still the upgraded weapon. As stated in L-60 Revisited, “The successful trials of these prototypes in August of 1937 led to an order of 15 production vehicles with a 37mm armed turret.” This isn’t to say that the 20mm is a weak weapon just because it is the stock weapon; look at the 2pdr on the Valentine, Covenantor, and the Cruisers. Stock weapons, but still very potent.

  9. Anonymous says:

    6600 Kilograms probably, 6.6 Tons

  10. Trololo Guy says:

    This tank will really roflstomp Mittengard, which is about the only map it will see…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a Toldi III in tier 2 with an autocannon.

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