Trials on the Swiss HS 30 and the Mowag Pirat


First of all, I and Mizutayio would like to wish Switzerland an happy birthday aka national holiday!

Author: Mizutayio


I am sure a couple of you guys know or have heared about the HS 30 with the 90mm gun and the MOWAG Pirat Tank destroyer.

There are very few pictures about these tanks. Infact you might have seen them already.

HS 30


MOWAG Jagdpanzer Pirat (early)


Jagdpanzer Pirat (late)


Didn’t help that these Tanks don’t come with much information, so during my many archive visits i went looking for these Tanks as well. And what I’ve found was more than just Interesting.

There was a Document within the Archives that did cover the Trials of the MOWAG Pirat and the HS 30 compared to the Panzer 51 ( AMX 13 75) that also came with a lot of Pictures and Specifications.

Now before i’ll show the Pictures i have to say something: While in my earlier Articles most people didn’t mind, some people got angry about me putting watermarks on the Pictures with the reason being that I didn’t take the Original Pictures back in the 50s or 60s. And that they were to big. I did change the big watermarks, but i can’t do without  since it’s either me who went to the archives in Person or WG/ some other guys on the internet who then claim that it’s theirs.


Well that being said here are the Pictures followed by the Specifications

Tank number 1 Mowag Pirat, 3 + 4  HS 30 


Comparison of gun depression between MOWAG Pirat ( front) HS 30 (middle) and Panzer 51 (rear) 


Mowag Pirat and HS 30 with Max Elevation and Depression 


Comparison of the HS 30 with the Panzer 51 


Panzer 51 and HS 30 from the Front emnrp25


Rear view 


Another HS 30 picture from the Rear 


HS 30 at maximal depression 


HS 30 at maximal elevation 


Mowag Pirat turret facing left 


Turning the Turret 


Turret facing right  


Mowag Pirat compared to Panzer 51 sideview 







HS 30:

Length 5600 mm  (5510 mm without gun)

Width: 2510 mm

Heighth: 2440 mm

Weight: 13.5 tons


Ground Pressure Offroad: 0.62 kg/cm²

Ground Pressure Onroad: 14 kg/cm²

Links per Track: 90

Track Width: 350 mm


Engine: 8 cylinder Rolls Royce – Petrol engine

Bhp: 240 hp

HP/ton ratio: 17.8

Top Speed: 60 km/h


Armor f/s/r: 30/15/10

Turret f/s/r: 30/15/10


Gun: 9cm Pak. 57

Elevation 23°

Depression 15°


Secondary Arnarment: 12.7 mm MG for Rangefinding mounted on Gun


MOWAG Pirat:

Length: 5360 mm

Width: 2410 mm

Heigth: 2430 mm

Weigth: 12 tons


Ground Pressure offroad:0.56 kg/cm²

Ground Pressure onroad: 8-10 kg/cm²

Links per track: 87

Track Width: 350mm


Engine: 8 cylinder Chrysler or Ford –  Petrol engine

Bhp: 240 hp

HP/ton ratio: 20

Top speed: 60 km/h


Armor f/s/r: 20/15/15

Turret f/s/r: 20/15/10


Gun: 9cm Pak. 57

Elevation 23°

Depression 15°


Secondary Arnarment: 12.7 mm MG for Rangefinding mounted on Gun

As you can see, both are very good tanks just by looking at them, why they didn’t get produced in great numbers i don’t know. but In World of Tanks we’d likely see the HS 30 as a Tier 7 light scout tank and the Mowag Pirat as a tier 8 light scout tank.

If you guys have any questions about these tanks, let me know in the Comments. and i’ll try to answer them to the best of my abilities.

24 comments on “Trials on the Swiss HS 30 and the Mowag Pirat

  1. Hedgehog1963 says:

    With all those Alps going on it’s no surprise they Swiss Army Tanks had great gun depression. Also a corkscrew, screwdriver and pair of scissors.

  2. Shade01982 says:

    Are people seriously whining about watermarks? A watermark does not mean someone claims right of ownership unless it specifically includes a copyright, watermarks are simply used to show authenticity and stop people from copying the picture. People need to learn the difference.

    Good set of photos, any chance of seeing these in the game?

  3. I hope the Swiss tanks come soon, same with the Swedish. But I’m not excited about Poland. 8/10 tanks will be Soviet Copies.

  4. Tarsis says:

    I knew absolutely nothing about Swiss armored weapons before these articles. You have my personal thanks for these, and so do the other writers that put articles like this (for all the nations) out for me to gain in knowledge. I find great enjoyment in them.

  5. SMGJohn says:

    Damn, these tanks has less armour than the Volvo 240

  6. Klimax says:

    I must say, thank you for listening and at least down sizing watermarks.

    Just a note: Be careful where you put watermark, in some cases result is bit… funny. 😉

  7. nano852 says:

    dat gun depression tho

  8. So what nation would we likely see these tanks appear in? Germany?

  9. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Looks like AMX 13 has surprisingly decent gun depression as well.

  10. Aditya says:

    Looks like another SPC 1 with 15 degree gun depression to me.

  11. Looking at the offroad ground pressure for the MOWAG Pirat it looks like you could potentially survive that thing rolling over you! I wouldnt like to try, but it may be possible!

  12. Winterx says:

    Whether you are Swiss or not (or a green-blue carrot wit pink spots, for that matter) won’t hinder the EU (look up the terms “EU” and “Europe” to spot the difference) to apply its laws within its span of (legal) influence (look up the bilateral agreements between the EU and its individual member states and Switzerland).

    Not that the watermarks bother me at all.

  13. Swiss cheese says:

    “” First of all, I and Mizutayio would like to wish Switzerland an happy birthday aka national holiday!””

    You can beter call it; Independence day

  14. The_Right_Arm says:

    Please wargaming give us this. I need to become…a tank pirate. Arr

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